Gree and players: dialogue of the deaf ?


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Thread: Gree and players: dialogue of the deaf ?

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    Gree and players: dialogue of the deaf ?

    Dear Gree,

    I don't know if you are aware about what you are doing since a couple of months... but I have the feeling you forgot Kingdom Age is a game, just a game.
    We are not your employees fighting to get the sales reward of the month... even if you may think: "That's not a game, just a way to get your money".
    A game need to be fun, FIRST. You want our money ? give back fun to this game....

    By the way you are doing events, you are discouraging new players (and medium ones), because quests become so hard that after reached first levels they move to other games, easier, with better graphics and game engine, more funny, etc... where they will spend their money!!!

    Don't forget that a game is like life in oceans: big
    fish will eat the little ones, that eat smallest, etc... until... just big fishes are remaining... and then probably eat each other. That the end of "animal species". You are killing small and medium fishes... who move to other games...

    Just have a look to last Conquest of Kings results... compare to those one year before. Now Divide Guilds CP per 1.5 (to take into account legendary...). That's the best example to what said above...

    I know you don't really care about these kind of messages... but medium players, like I am, are now moving to other games (like Rival Kingdom) where I prefer to spend my money....
    Please, act quickly, while not too late....
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    Learning a fish to talk is even easier than thinking Gree listens to their players.

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    A lot of my guild have started playing Rival Kingdoms including me. No crashes no server error no 2/3 minute wait to load game
    no stupidly increased quests trying to screw us by increasing EB health stupidly then offering armour and weapons for sale to attempt to actually beat 100 bosses then dangling a 40% off sale, it's pathetic. Using the Line app we see more and more quitting daily. Maybe that's GREE long term plan because they could not be so inept. There are only 150 decent guilds left and anyone looking at the top 800 CP can see this. Not that long ago we had top 1,250 guilds. My guild is just doing enough bosses for guild prizes and only enough bloody boring trials for guild and no more. We finished at 29 last war and refuse to put more money into this game. You have ruined virtually every part of this game and continue to do so. I never thought I would start another game but my friends and I have chat rooms and we are actually having fun playing Rival Kingdoms, do you remember FUN, it's what this game used to be. I used to play at least 8 hours a day and spend money but no longer. Game is dead on its feet which is a shame as it was a terrific game and could be now or in the future if only the right people were running things.
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    All are disgusted in my guild. They don't even want the equipment as its not enough to finish normal without gemming. How stupid can you be?

    And where is Gree's response - nowhere- the employees are too busy while the managers cant understand what's happening.
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    Thats the end my friend
    I wonder why i and others are still playing.
    The hope dies at last, that GREE may listen and change there mind.
    But all the changes goes in the wrong direction.
    More box events, more quest only very few can finish, bonus units and boost buildings you have to pay with gems, no answers, no information, ....
    The Red Baron TRB

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