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    Lightbulb [Player Appreciation Month] Design An In Game Item

    For Official Rules, please click here. If you are a minor, your legal guardian will have to agree to accept the Official Rules. Please see the Official Rules for details.

    Only the most menacing thugs have the best gear. Now it’s your turn to show us what that would be! Maybe you have an idea for a tripped out car, a secret hideout autoshop, a fierce melee weapon or maybe even a gun that rivals all others! Submit your item design for a chance to have it used to create an item that will appear in the game Crime City!

    Ten finalist entries will be chosen by Community Managers. The final winner will be determined by a community vote!

    Contest Schedule

    • October 1st through October 12th (12 Midnight PDT) - Entries Accepted
    • October 13th - Ten Finalists Announced
    • October 13th through October 19th (12 Midnight PDT) - Community Voting
    • October 20th - Winner Announced

    Where to Submit Your Entry

    Please post your entries in this official thread


    • In order to be eligible, your submission must adhere to the following rules
    • Your submission must adhere to GREE’s Terms of Service
    • Your submission must adhere to the GREE Forum’s Code of Conduct, particularly the following points in the Code of Conduct regarding:
      - Abusive and/or Disrespectful Content towards other Players and Staff
      - Obscene, Vulgar, and Inappropriate Text/Images/Links
      - Racial, Ethnic, Nationality Posts
      - Politics and Religion/Religious Figures
    • Your submission must be your own original idea and cannot infringe on the copyrights of another individual, corporation or entity
    • Submissions must fit within the theme and feel of Crime City

    Submission Requirements

    When submitting your entry, make sure that you include the following

    • The name of your item
    • A description and/or artwork of your item
    • Your Invite Code
    • An active and enabled forum account (winners will be contacted via PM)

    Judging Criteria

    Your entry will be judged on the following criteria

    • Creativity
    • How well your entry fits the theme of Crime City


    Ten Finalists
    • 100 Gold

    Top Winner
    • 250 Gold + The Winning Item

    Restrictions and Conditions

    • Limited to 3 entries per participant
    • Your submission must be a design for a Building or a Unit that is used in battle/fights
    • Prizes can only be distributed to the game you are designing for
    • Final submission acceptance and eligibility is at the discretion of GREE
    • Your Invite Code must be submitted with your entry in order to be eligible to receive a prize
    • Final implementation and depiction of the winning entry will be at the discretion and final approval of GREE
    • While the contest winners will be announced October 20th please note that final implementation of the winning Unit will be done at a future date and will be announced on the GREE forums.
    • GREE reserves the right to alter or revoke a winning entry at its discretion if it is found that the entry does not comply to the rules of the contest

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    Battles Mexican standoff style

    Mexican standoff style battles with 3 or more syns vs per battles.
    Where syns are matched vs 2 or more syns just think of the gold used if syns have two listings to attack against... I have plenty of other ideas! I dream at high speeds
    Oh, an please drop SA event it looks lame and no one likes it

    170-975-365 Stur★

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    1. Armour unit: the exoskeleton

    2. Vehicles Unit: the private jet

    3. Explosives unit: the dirty bomb or Nuke

    As for new event:

    1. PVP, i know its an old event but it was awesome, no syndicate just down right player vs player fights.

    2. A co op syndicate fight were you can team up with up to 3 or 5 syndicates, same as war basically but 24 hours before it starts a button will appear to team up, only officers and leader can hit this button and then input the syndicate code, on the same screen an accept or reject team button! 24 hours later war starts, 3 day event, 1 hour battles, same as war basically but prizes only for top 500! IMAGINE 180 PLAYERS VERSUS 180 PLAYERS!

    3. OPEN BANK DAY, a 24 hour event where your bank is accessible to other players, the more you rob the bigger the prize in the end!

    TRG Killer 855 430 909
    ideas are for crime city
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    Item: The Hater Cannon or "Hallow" Cannon

    orange and black cannon (since it's close to Halloween)
    This item has 30k attack and 31k defense with a 3% explosive attack (Halloween)
    This item could be the prize for upgrading the new LTB, "The Haunted Hotel"

    The Haunted Hotel is an old abandoned hotel designed like the Atlantic Hotel in Shoreline but a black building.
    It should have a red ghost or orange pumpkin on the rear of the building

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    A haunted house since it is close to Halloween having 20k defense 50mil to buy and takes up the same space a loft does

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    Thumbs up Design an in game item contest entry

    Explosive Unit:- Electric Chair
    This electric chair has 2 belts on it's hand and 2 belts on it's front legs also it has a big belt in the middle...color is brownish metallic and it contains some stains of dry black blood on the sitting side and on the has a wire from backside coloured red...contains a circuit at backside....attack 51k and defence 50k with bonus of 5% more attack from explosives...
    Mafia Id:- 422 290 438

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    My unique unit is still in the idea phase of development. However I have a general game unit suggestion. How about providing additional weapons and vehicles for purchase with higher statistics in the game store? The highest non-gold gun available for purchase has an attack of 5,600. How about creating some weapons for purchase that have attacks of 10,000-50,000 for in-game money (not gold)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aarondavidsdad View Post
    My unique unit is still in the idea phase of development. However I have a general game unit suggestion. How about providing additional weapons and vehicles for purchase with higher statistics in the game store? The highest non-gold gun available for purchase has an attack of 5,600. How about creating some weapons for purchase that have attacks of 10,000-50,000 for in-game money (not gold)?
    That would be PLAYER APPRECIATION.

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    Weapon Name : Defense Blaster

    Weapon Purpose : Increase usefulness of defensive buildings
    Suggested Mod : +200% per level upgraded

    E.G Muay Thai Building

    Level 1 is currently 18 defense (+200% gives this 54 defense)
    Level 2 is currently 27 defense (+400% gives this 135 defense)
    Level 9 is currently 90 defense (+1800% gives this 1710 defense)
    Level 10 is currently 99 defense (+2000% gives this 2079 defense)

    This would help make the defensive buildings more worthwhile. Somewhat useful for Missile Turrets (8,064 def at level 10 with this modifier)

    Alternatively, This could just be a weapon that massively increases RAW stats instead of having a modifier as that's what's important for Raid Bosses and Epic Bosses.

    Code: 580 278 427
    Attachments Pending Approval Attachments Pending Approval
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    New event/New Armor weapons/and new building

    New Weapon:Armor Weapon design blackmetalgarurumon( Digimon)
    New Name:Mega Wolf
    70,000 ATK
    70, 000 DEF
    Building:Halloween Theme
    Name:Michael' s House Of Terror
    Design:The Michael Myers house
    New Event:The Battle For Crime City
    The winner of each battle get a copy of the losers strongest Weapon

    Elijah 849 185 057

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    New Weapon

    Weapon Type:Gun
    Electrical Shotgun
    10% Gun Attack
    10% Gun Defense
    Attack 20 K
    Defense 20 K

    Elijah 849 185 057
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    Gun Six shooter
    6 barrel side by side shotgun with standard shotgun stock
    Captain spaulding
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    Chuck Norris. I want chuck norris walking around my hood. And when an apponent trys to attack me the chuck norris character walks over and beats down the attacker. I would never get to see it because it would happen on the attacking player's screen.

    Another addition could be vehicles that can be parked or driven around the street. Streets are wasted space in hoods right now, this would make that space useful. These vehicles could be either defensive or money making, just like rhe buildings.

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    building and item design

    building idea

    in honor of your 3rd year anniversary and your player appreciation I'd say you have to do a money and a defense building in one! and you can build 3 of this building cause it's your 3rd anniversary,

    the name of the building is called: the White House
    it will bring in 867,490 base income no modifiers for level 1 (can collect every 12 hours) (it will cost 150,000,000 ) it's defense will be 10,000 for level 1 and go up 10,000 every time it gets upgraded

    item idea

    the name of the name of the item is called: deadly waters
    I'm not handy with photoshop so I will just give you a description of what it looks like: it's a martini but instead of a olive on a stick its a stick of dynamite, it's bonus will be (8% hood expansion time reduction) (I know thats I never done before bonus(but useless if you maxed out your expansion's))

    bonus idea

    a bonus were you can collect the same building twice right away"regen time 3 days"

    my code is: 848 946 214
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    Contest Submission

    My idea is an armor called money clip. It is gold-colored and embossed in diamonds. It has atk of 10,000 and def of 10,000. It has mods of 20% decrease in building time construction and upgrade, 20% building cost reduction, allows an additional building upgrade.

    My 2nd idea is a building called grow house. It will look like a house but it will have a big green marijuana leaf on front. Payout will be every 30 minutes. Cost will be $200 million. Initial level 1 payout will be $50,000.

    My 3rd idea is an armor called the neutralizer suit. It emits radioactive energy that negates all modifiers (influence and stat) of both attacker and defender during battle. It has 100,000 attack and 100,000 defense.

    Invite Code: 686145454
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