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Handy with Photoshop? A master of making machinima? Secretly an interpretive dance savant? Have a knack at creating clay sculptures? Love a rhyming limerick? Just want a chance to win some hard currency in your favorite GREE game? Well here is your chance!

Share with us your best, most creative, unique, or fun GREE game fanart for the opportunity to be chosen as one of the ten finalists to receive a finalist prize of currency in your game of choice. If your submission is chosen as the winner (as voted on by the community), then you will receive the grand prize in your game of choice (see prize section below).

Contest Schedule

  • October 1st through October 12th (12 Midnight PST) - Entries Accepted
  • October 13th - Ten Finalists Announced
  • October 13th through October 19th (12 Midnight PST) - Community Voting
  • October 20th - Winner Announced


In order to be eligible, your submission must adhere to the following rules

  • Your submission must adhere to GREE’s Terms of Service
  • Your submission must adhere to the GREE Forum’s Code of Conduct (particularly the following):
    - Abusive and/or Disrespectful Content towards other Players and Staff
    - Obscene, Vulgar, and Inappropriate Text/Images/Links
    - Racial, Ethnic, Nationality Posts
    - Politics and Religion/Religious Figures
  • Your submission must be your own original idea and cannot infringe on the copyrights of another individual, corporation or entity
  • Ten finalists will be selected by the the GREE Community Managers
  • Final winner will be selected via a community vote

Submission Requirements

When submitting your entry, make sure that you include the following

  • Must submit your entry on this official thread
  • If a video, please upload to YouTube and include link
  • For imagery we highly recommend uploading to an image sharing or art website (such as Imgur or DeviantArt)
  • Limit two submissions per person
  • Your fan art may be for any current GREE game
  • Must include which game your submission is for (even if it is easily recognizable)
  • Include the title and your Player ID or Friend Code (or equivalent) for preferred game to receive your prize in if you are chosen as a finalist


Ten Finalists (Choose One Game)

  • Beyond the Dead = 1,000 Gold
  • Modern War = 100 Gold
  • Kingdom Age = 100 Gems
  • Crime City = 100 Gold
  • Knights & Dragons = 65 Gems
  • Criminal Legacy = 65 Diamonds
  • War of Nations = 1,000 Gold
  • League of War = 200 Gold Bars
  • Rage of the Immortals = 65 Cash

Top Winner (Choose One Game)

  • Beyond the Dead = 3,000 Gold
  • Modern War = 250 Gold
  • Kingdom Age = 250 Gems
  • Crime City = 250 Gold
  • Knights & Dragons = 175 Gems
  • Criminal Legacy = 175 Diamonds
  • War of Nations = 2,500 Gold
  • League of War = 500 Gold Bars
  • Rage of the Immortals = 175 Cash

Restrictions and Conditions

- GREE reserves the right to alter or revoke a winning entry at its discretion if it is found that the entry does not comply to the rules of the contest
- All contest submissions, once received/entered, are deemed the property of GREE