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    Trials would be great if they were even a possibility!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tadaaah View Post
    Hey guys,

    We'd like to know how you like trials. Have you come across any strange bugs? If so, what and what is happening in game when that occurs? Do you like having the freedom to decide when you start a quest? Remember to be constructive and follow the Forum Code of Conduct.

    I've had an issue with glacial pass since the trials started! Go to the map and no monsters are there! I have sent in a ticket EVERY time and I get the same canned response, "we are aware if the issue and are working towards a solution. Thank you for your parience." Well, my patience is wearing thin. I think I've finished one trial in the last month! With customer service such as this, it is not surprising that reviews in the app store are pretty bad!!!

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    It's getting pretty annoying to have to change map after every kill you make. It would be better if all monsters in 1 quest will be in 1 map.

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    Rewards are great and xp is higher at the higher levels. It all makes sense. I agree with some others that the constant map jumping is the only negative for the Trials. However, it is just a small annoyance of a great feature.

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    On older devices, jumping from map to map is very time consuming. On newer devices, it dosent matter.
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    Agree to above, enjoy them tremendously. The only issue that seems to have occurred is orbs given are down. Our guild usually has thousands of orbs, this time around only in the hundreds. Food for thought.

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    I Really like the trials. I can play at my convenience and I can choose the level of difficulty. It would be nice though to have some advance warning though when ILTQ a or GLTQ events are starting so I can judge timing before beginning a new trial.

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