looking for a top 50 faction


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Thread: looking for a top 50 faction

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    looking for a top 50 faction

    Im a officer in a top 40 faction and looking to step down
    Im looking for a fun top 60 faction. Looking at not spending gold now on this game.
    I'm about level186 with about 8.3trilion attack and 23 trillion defence stats.
    I get about 60m in frontline and 60k-80k in wd depending on legendary match ups like I said I don't want to use gold anymore.
    I use group me
    Post ur room link and I can talk to u or ur leader
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    We were around top 80 but due to some retirements now around 100, looking to fill 10 seats. We're a gold optional team. With a few players like you im sure we can make it to top 50. Maverick 708-925-088, reply if interested

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