I became leader of an unranked faction, and are currently in top1000 in frontline. Faction guild is 22/44 with decent bonuses. Ive donated 10b in last week alone to max out all defense bonuses. Working on attack and output now. This team wants to be competitive, but simply does not have the man power to do so. We would like to find a group with intentions of completing fltq, raid boss goals through prestige. Also to be top 150 in War, Frontline rankings. This is not happening without your help. If a group emerges and can accept the challenge, I will bring my main in to reinforce the efforts. My main has 760m/575m stats and 58m IPH. You would receive officer status to freely coordinate and take initiative with events. We can't all as players be on 24/7 so its going to be more of a shared effort. Lets take this opportunity to start a new force. Faction name is Warrior Revolution United, which is negotiable, and could be blended with your crews input. Pm me for more info, or find me on groupme to discuss your idea: collinsda40@aol.com.

Faction ID: 118-525-038
Thanks from all members in WRU!