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Thread: Next War Too Soon

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    You had indicated previously that the last time we had a war 10 days after the prior one was finished was due to a resetting of the schedule.

    Now we have another one equally close. This is too much too soon. Please ask the game designers/project managers/powers that be to either switch it out for something new and exciting or reduce the duration to another fast paced 24 hour war.

    We are bleeding players at an ever increasing rate and this is going to impact on the bottom line sooner rather than later.

    Additionally, shorter time frames for Raid Boss and EB is getting to be unfair to all. These need to be reviewed and reconsidered. Unless the intent is only to have the heavy spenders succeed. Free and light gem spenders are becoming disenfranchised by the new wealth gap that is being created by this and the Heroic prize last war.

    The people at Gree responsible for designing and tweaking events needs to take a long hard look at what they are doing to this game. Unless the goal is to shut it down like LaW.

    Thank you in advance for an expedient consideration of this request, and a reasonably times response.

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    do you really expect to get a response to this ...or for that matter any other thread.....when I say response I mean something more than...we are looking into it and will have an answer for you shortly...thank you for you patience.

    no offense to anyone here...most of you I played with and became friends with...but really I don't blame you for trying...heck we tried too...I am sure that everyone remembers the presence that MOC had on the forums....wether you agreed with our thoughts or not we did try...BUT....the responses from GREE have not changed in two years....I will grant you an occasional longer winded response does come out....but they are few and far between. Everyone talks about ...if things don't change you will drive players away...if things don't change I wont spend gems....if things don't change I will quit.....don't make me laugh....I have seen that kind of thread repeated a thousand times....and here is what happens....maybe not those same people ...but somewhere in game someone is spending BOATLOADS of long as that continues...they will push harder and harder.

    Sooooo...whats the answer....well truthfully there is only one.....don't spend gems.....does this solve the problem the problems in game will still how about a that's been tried...once for real...and a half hearted attempt a second time.....a boycott will never happen...why??? why cant it happen...who are real greedy people...the players that cant stop spending because they fear that one weekend of no spending will put them behind.....or GREE...I will say this....for a great community like this and not limited to this forum but all the chat apps that KA communities exist on... I would like to think that for once...JUST all could actually stand together...from the top 3 guilds to the lowest one man guild. what would be the end result????

    well it could be that you will FINALLY get their attention and get at least SOME of the changes you want. maybe?....or what... they will shut the game down ...why would they ...they make PROFITS on pixels tangible reward....oh and btw it does not require them to make the game run smoothly because you all will continue to play the game and spend!!! ...flawed or keep coming back to the well.....honestly if they shut the game down does it really effect your game life...does it really effect the friends you have what... no KA....find another game with less headaches and play with the friends you made here .

    I really do wish you all good luck in getting the answers you seek. It really was a GREAT game.....As always I do not miss the game....only my friends!!!

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    Gal, when in doubt if a mod heard you the first 10 times, start a new thread to call him out, right?
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    Please direct your conversation to another thread on this topic:


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