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    Arena issues

    So, for the last 6 weeks or so, I cannot battle in the arena. I tap the battle now button and all I get is the little "connecting" spinner forever. The game doesn't crash or freeze, it stays open and I can continue to access the other features, but no matter what I do I cannot battle in the arena. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall the game, transfer my account to a different device, leave my guild and rejoin, leave my guild and battle solo, force quit and restart and I've tried leaving the game open and "connecting" to see if it was just lag (longest count was 27 minutes with no success). Support tickets have gotten me no response other than "we're looking into this" and a closed ticket. Has anyone else encountered this or have anything else I can try to get this fixed? I'm missing out on a major portion of the game and can't seem to get any assistance from Gree so I'm turning to the community for help.

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    Have you tried re opening the ticket(s)? Have you included screenshots to help make your case a little more visually?

    If the matter isn't fixed, contact them again, referencing the original ticket and say the problem is still occurring. If you still get no traction, PM Clementine and ask for help.


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    Thanks rookeye. I've reopened a ticket twice, asked for the issue to be escalated to a supervisor and I've actually logged 5 separate tickets over the several weeks that this has been happening, the last one with a screenshot. I have not attempted to pm Clementine, but I will do so, thanks

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