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Thread: Do You Want Street Assault To Be A Reoccurring Event?

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    This event is what drove me to quit MW, it had the same wet blanket effect on me in CC

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    a change

    Quote Originally Posted by SilentAssassin View Post
    Simple poll. Yes or no

    Leave your thoughts here !
    Will be nice to see if GREE listens

    IF yes... How often would you like to see it ?
    I personally enjoyed having a new event unlike any of the others. The game can get pretty repetitious. As for how often major events should be every other weekend and they should alternate between standard war and SA

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_ View Post
    It's the only event that actually employs a certain level of strategy.
    And what is your strategy , smart one ?

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    This event sucks...nothing that goes on in this event has anything to do with the profiles and stats each of us have made for ourselves. Keep it out of crime city please. Very un enjoyable to me. Maybe that's just my opinion.

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    Let's keep this one on the front page...
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    Stop giving out chests. Nobody wants a chest as a prize.

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    I personally did not enjoy the event as much as I do the regular wars. It's an in game cash suck, and then pretty much just a tap fest the last 3-5 minutes of each battle. Kind of silly, IMO. Also, at the end of the war, last battle, seemed like the servers crashed as many of our player's got burned with troops they tried to deploy, that never deployed. What a waste.

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    No, I do not want another sa. I would also like battles to be 4 weeks apart and stop stacking everything on top of each other. Remove 24 hour war and bring back pvp weekend. There's a reason so many top players are retiring.

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    Please direct conversation/feedback to the official thread. Thanks.

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