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Thread: Boss Battle FAQ

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    The new way to upgrade your troops is great, and you all are TRYING to give away more silver and gold keys....... Just a few more would be nice, and if you could institute those things into the next Invasion or PVP tournament , that would be great......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackness View Post
    I like Boss Battle but maybe change it so you only receive help if you request it. Also the Make Public button is in a terrible place it is way to easy to accidentally push after a win.
    Or you could make it so help is only open for alliance members

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    Hey guys. I'd like to know if we could every have access to towers?

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    I know this is off topic but when your resources are full you get the notification "commander please report in." i would desperately like to know where to get that. Or what audio file its called within the app so i can convert it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tadaaah View Post
    Thanks for the initial feedback everyone! We'll be asking for more specifics next week once the first event is over.
    This weeks event has major issues !!! When ever I battle the boss my game freezes an app shuts down I restart and the boss has full life but I have still list my moral point??
    I have tried this on both my iPads and iphone4 and 5 and it still happens. Really starting to loose faith in this game it's riddled in glitches.

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    Game shuts down

    Yes, this is happening to many others. Please post your comment about this is the other thread so we can get Gree's attention. Really hope they fix this bug soon

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    Boss battle S H U TS down

    Please fix happened over and again making the game no fun at all. Every time I get lots of action on boss the game shuts down and reboots and takes my spent fuel and acts like I wasn't even in battle. Posted support right away and 2 days later no response
    Game isn't fun like this

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