We have been receiving a number of reports from users about other users coming in and posting in their Syndicate Recruitment threads. We would like to set some guidelines and expectations about what is and is not allowed when posting here, so that there is no misunderstanding.

Given the nature of this particular sub-forum and Syndicate recruiting, there are some additional expectations and rules. Please review and follow all of them.

1. All threads/posts MUST follow the Forum Code of Conduct. Those that are found to go against the CoC will be removed and or locked, and users may be banned.

2. A thread is allowed to be bumped, so as to bring it to the attention of potential new recruits, but ONLY AFTER IT HAS DROPPED OFF THE FIRST PAGE.

3. Additionally, do not bump a thread multiple times in a single day and then delete previous posts so as to make it look like as though this did not happen. This may result in your account being banned.

4. You are allowed to post in threads of other Syndicates as long as those posts are neither, derogatory, negative, or libelous in nature. Please do not spam (multiple posts similar in nature posted in a short span of time), and please follow the Code of Conduct (this includes no personal attacks or inappropriate language). Those posts that do not follow these rules will be removed and accounts may be banned if the behavior proves repetitive.

5. Please post with your main forum account. Do not create a secondary account simply to heckle/harass folks. That account may be banned. If you continue to create additional accounts for this purpose, your IP may be banned.

These rules/guidelines may be updated or changed at any time, so please continue to check back on a regular basis.