It was brought to our attention that many users do not enjoy the updated Forum Titles. In an effort to improve the experience for all we have created a new set of proposed Forum User Titles and would like your feedback. These new titles are the result of suggestions from other users, as well as a bit of creativity on our part. Please let us know what you think and then vote in the poll on the official thread.

Number of Posts Current Title Proposed New Title
10 Mute Minion Lurker
25 Talkative Troll Newbie
50 Gabby Gremlin Steady Scribe
100 Motormouth Maven Consistent Contributor
250 Articulate Aficionado Articulate Author
500 Chatty Consigliere Verbose Veteran
1000 Babbling Boss Proficient Patron of Words
2500 Gibbering General Master of Written Musings
5000 Verbose Virtuoso Supreme Scholar of Letters
10000 Loquacious Legend Legendary Wizard of Words