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Thread: Cash Give-A-Way

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    Cash Give-A-Way

    Good will Hunting Cash Give-A-Way

    Hey all, Good will Hunting would like to make a deposit in your faction!

    A little background first.
    GwH was started with the principals of bringing the fun back into this sometimes very stressful game and to help the other players of this game enjoy it as well. That is how we decided to call the team Good will Hunting.

    Back in March of this year (OSOK) One Shot One Kill held a cash give-a-way and GwH was a runner up winner of $2 billion into our faction bank, at which time we were top 750 WD. We were so grateful for the help that we always wanted to be able to do the same for some other teams out there. Well that time has come. We are now in that position & we want to help 3 teams.

    If you are a team ranked in the Top 750, Top 1000, Top 1500, or Top 4000, you are eligible to receive some dough! No strings attached.

    Let us know who you are, what your team is ranked, your join code, and your current bonuses... and maybe just a QUICK reason why you want some help (don't write a novel).

    We will pick 3 teams to come drop off a few billion to... looking forward to hearing from you all!

    First place. - $8 billion
    Second place. - $5 billion
    Third place. - $2 billion
    For a grand total of - $15 billion
    GOOD WILL HUNTING - Top - 25 WD & Top - 20 FL

    -Maxed faction
    -Complete all events
    -Fun adault chat (group me)
    -war bot

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    As the leader of OSOK I wanted to say how very cool it is to see one of the teams we tried to help passing this along and helping other teams! Well done guys! Class act, glad we picked you!
    God forgives - OSOK doesn't
    Recruiting now for a consistent top 25 team! Add me on line app Bytor12 for more details

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    you guys are just awesome that you are willing to do this for the lower teams, you have earned my respect.

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    Good will Hunting Cash Give-A-Way

    Thank you in advance for this oppotunity!

    Killer Wrenches (KW): We are a small group players ranging widely in level and stat.

    RANK in WD
    Below top 1000, typically about 1300.

    824 040 305


    Our team has struggled mainly due to the influx of memebership, due to not having any maxed bonuses. Most players are looking for regen and output at a minimum to be maxed. To help speed this along the leader (me) has matched every cash donation made to the faction as an incentive to donate. Might take me some time, but if we were to win I would match this donation as well.

    Please consider us as a top candidate to smiled upon by a top 750 team that is kind enough to pay it forward!!!
    Last edited by Drakhoan; 08-09-2014 at 09:46 AM. Reason: format
    Join my faction--
    Must: use groupMe, make weekly donation, be active... simple as that.
    No: absurd WD, stat, level, daily donation minimums here.
    Leader matches all cash donations!
    PM me for more information.

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    Faction name : rampagewarriors

    invite code :

    who we are : we are a group of friends in real life that like to play modern war and have a good laugh

    rank : 3593 in peru, didnt rank in zimbabwe

    current bonuses :
    20% infantry defense
    15% ground defense
    10% air defense
    5% infantry attack
    5% more cash
    15% building defense
    +4 guild members
    19% health regen reduction

    quick reason : a few cycles back we left a top 1000 faction due to the leader bulying one of my friends to get him to spend more gold on wars and ltqs due to him having fairly high stats for his lvl.we have had a tough time the past 2-3 cycles and due to our wide range of stats some factions would only take on a few and not all of us, so we all chose to make our own faction. it takes a lot of cash to set up a faction with good bonuses that will attract other players and so your injection would be appreciated to its max. sorry if that wasnt a quick reason lol:P

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    Glad to see you carrying the tradition forward. Hope to see a well-deserved clan put the money to good use.


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    We are an obscure little faction that was grown and shown great improvement over the past 6 months. We placed 906 for Peru and flirted with T750 for a good part of WD. Prior to this, T4000 was usually hit or miss.

    Our Faction is Hans Blix & our invite code: 580 090 099
    Our bonuses are:

    26% Health Regen
    15% Infantry Attack
    35% Infantry Defense
    10% Ground Attack
    20% Ground Defense
    10% Air Attack
    20% Air Defense
    5% Sea Attack
    15% Sea Defense
    15% Building Defense
    20% Building Output
    +16 Guild

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    Dust Bowl and GWH...very cool. Cheers to you all!

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    Canada 1

    We were ranked top 3000.

    Invite code : 462782539
    Health reg -19%
    Inf att+5%
    Inf def+30%
    Ground def+15%
    Air def+10%
    Sea def+5%
    Building def+15%
    Building output+ 5%
    Guild member increase +6

    The reason we need it is because we are really active alliance but we can't get the money to buy bonuses and it takes us a long time to save up the little we have.

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    1Shot2Kill - 1SK

    Our faction is small but growing,

    We are currently about 8-10 members on average and are starting to grow. Beginning to actively recruit new players. We started out as just 2-3 of us to help get stronger and quickly realized we would need to expand to do so more.

    We typically have placed almost top 3000 twice, top 1500 twice and once making it up to 1300.

    We would love to get our Health Regen maxed out to help in WD/RB/EB more.

    Invite Code: 360-558-528
    Current Bonus are:
    Health Regen - 19%
    Infantry Attack - 5%
    Infantry Defense - 15%
    Ground Defense - 10%
    Air Defense - 10%
    Building Defense - 10%
    Building Output - 10%
    Guild Increase - +8

    Thank you for considering us

    Last edited by Dumas; 08-09-2014 at 08:35 PM.

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    We are the Tacticle Command Unit and we are a small faction of 22 members.

    We ranked 914 last war.

    Join code. 742-948-252

    Current bonuses:
    Health regen. -23%
    Ground att. 5%
    Inf att. 15%
    Inf def. 35%
    Ground def. 30%
    Air def. 20%
    Sea def. 15%
    Bldg def. 15%
    Bldg output. 10%
    Guild inc. 4

    Reason we would love this donation is because it would be the one push needed to get those bonuses that are very hard and long to get. We don't have big money players and it would make everyone in the faction happy.

    This is very a very generous deed your doing and we thank you and wish everyone good luck!

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    Good initiative

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    Since it sounded so BIG, you should increase the total prize, and break it more and give away to more small factions needed it......moo™������

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamnasty View Post
    Since it sounded so BIG, you should increase the total prize, and break it more and give away to more small factions needed it......moo™������
    I like the idea, lol we should do it, Steal from the rich give too the poor

    -Kill Yo Self-

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    We are Sonic USA. Currently a 750 to 1000 team. Our bonuses are
    Building defense: MAX
    Infantry defense: MAX
    Ground defense: 6/7
    Health recovery: MAX
    Air defense: 4/7
    Sea defense: 4/7
    Building output: 4/7
    Infantry attack: 3/7
    Ground attack: 3/7
    Casualty rate: 1/7
    Air attack: 1/7
    Sea attack: 0/7
    Guild increase: +28
    We are currently 36/48 and generally stay this way, anytime someone new comes along, they do good for about three to five days then vanish. We are a working faction and try to succeed without buying gold, but.... It never works out that way. 858954710 any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for consideration.
    Extremelce is our faction leader
    Attack 21,000,000
    Defense 26,000,000

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