We are excited to announce that in an effort to bring a bit more fun to the forums we have implemented a new set of Forum User Titles that you will receive as you continue to post and engage on the forums.

A little about the titles and how they were chosen. Forums are all about talking, sometimes talking a little, sometimes talking a lot. Therefore for the first part of the titles, we chose various different words that mean "Talkative". For the second part of the titles, we looked at all the different games we have and the types of NPCs/Characters in each game, and drew from there. Remember, the forums (and titles) cover all of our different games, so it was important that we pulled from all genres/games, so that everything was included. At the most basic level each user title is a different way of saying "Talkative User".

Number of Posts User Title
10 Mute Minion
25 Talkative Troll
50 Gabby Gremlin
100 Motormouth Maven
250 Articulate Aficionado
500 Chatty Consigliere
1000 Babbling Boss
2500 Gibbering General
5000 Verbose Virtuoso
10000 Loquacious Legend

Please note that while we encourage you to post frequently, please do not spam the forums with unnecessary posts simply to increase your post count.

For additional discussion please see the main thread.