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    Quote Originally Posted by JennythePixie View Post
    Maybe you can explain to me why I can't post new threads...and I'm curious if its actually gonna let me post this reply.
    You need 10 posts to start a thread.
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    Is the IT department getting more staff? I tend to do freelance QA (or perhaps I just have a knack at breaking games...) and submit a number of tickets. I have stopped recently due to lack of response (purely automated) or general acknowledgement of bug, and nothing is done about it... Even after I point out plausible flaws in .plist code and/or hex values.

    Is everything still located in Canada, or has the SF office taken some of the brunt of the force?

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    Welcome Tadaaah and good luck with your endeavors. Gree is in need of some positive public relations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bravo 6 vk View Post
    You need 10 posts to start a thread.
    Thank you...I'm new and tryin to figure this thing out on my own.

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    Welcome Tadaah

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    Have to agree with previous comments about event notification. I may spend money on the game if I know ahead of time what the prize will be, I would absolutely spend nothing if it is a mystery. I think that is true with most people.

    While I know you were put on task of being a "community manager" we want game info, not community info or social media info. We have game questions, that's why we are here, that's what we need answered.

    My advice, if you want it, would be to play the game well enough to know it, and ask developers in advance what they next events entails. That's where Selene excelled, for the most part.

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    Tadaaah, Can you try and get the Indonesian war results posted before the weekend?

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    As far as communication, I feel like there should be an easier way to get to the forum in the game. My idea would be have a radio button below the alliance button and have:

    a forum tab, a worldwide chat tab, an (alliance founder/officer/garrison for all alliances) chat tab, BB/mission timeline, Story/newspaper tab, and BB alliance current BB ranking/BB player total prestige counts over the course of the BB's. (Possibly a developer update tab or message board)

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    I think they do not advertise the forum because in the end it becomes constant bickering, full of complaints and finger pointing at gree. Just look at some of the busier sections of the forum to see what i'm talking about.
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    It's true but who knows how many people don't know about it. I think your right but this is where most of us figure out what's going on during missions,new characters, things you guys say about the game and yes the bickering too. I think it's all in the fun, might as well put it in a place where it's more advertised for others to see and possibly more users. I think your right about the fingering pointing at gree though, but I'm sure that happens on other game forums.

    I'm glad you read my idea at least and gave me feedback! Always appreciated to hear from JL members about ideas for the game. Do you think the other parts of the idea would fit well in the game?

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    its gotten awfully quiet around here again, no info on upcoming events, no info on ongoing events, questions unanswered, promised solutions left undone. So much for the change, same old Gree, new mod. Words are easy to say, actions speak volumes... unfortunately we haven't gotten many.

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    Still no war rankings posted

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    well not been on Forum for probably a month, nice to see that the ALL Events continue to be posted in Forum with Full List of Prizes etc, since A&F left...


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Toe View Post
    This is what we have been asking for Tadaaah, when the game says an event is in progress, but it's NOT, just an FYI letting us know that would help, some of us keep exiting the game and restarting it over and over, since that is what support tells you to do when an event DOES start, but doesn't show on your device. SO how are we to know is it GREE? Is is my device? ZERO information is killing any reputation GREE has, it creates a void where rumor takes over, that doesn't help me as a player, and it doesn't help GREE as a provider. I know your "short handed and understaffed" at the moment, but really, how long to put something on here saying, delay, more info when we have some?
    Please change the name of the event quoted from above from "Skull Crusher" to "Manuel Caviota". Same thing, game says "in progress" but it's NOT really, (is it?) yet NOTHING posted here, nadda, zip, zilch. Can you PLEASE respect us enough to say that its not really running and we can quite rebooting every 5 mins?

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    my problem with this game

    Gree needs to stop giving ip mods to the top 3 teams you have pretty much made them unbeatable by everyone else and really they are the last ones who need such a prize. You definitely need to up the worth of the top 10 prize to something better then an attack mod you all hand those out like candy and for people spending $200 + on a war there needs to be a better reward! They deserve a better reward. I know I don't necessarily want a top 10 this round with the mod offered. Also what the crap is up with the ltb's can you all seriously not design another building instead of just repainting an old one? I would love to see an airport or something neat. The rival list is just dumb. I get robbed by every 250 out there. Why? They are not going to lvl up anymore so why wouldn't they spend all day robbing and attacking. 250 should be in there own category I know there is enough of them. That is my short list. Hope to see something change because at this rate more will keep quitting due to all the power in the top 3 and how they can totally screw streaks up for good teams that should get them.

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