So after downloading the latest version, I have a pretty button that allows me to sweep up all of my money from my base. The only problem is that it does not work properly? I thought I had been getting short changed and now that I am keep tracking, I am out over $5 million in less than a day? I just had 4 buildings to collect from including my level 3 hotel which yields over $8 mil. after pushing the button, it showed it 8.8 mil but only increase my bank by 5.5 mil and then after a 20 second delay?

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Hello Players,

You can call me Tadaaah. I am proud to join the GREE team as your Community Manager. We really want to turn things around and listen to our players and interact with all of you more regularly. Change is coming and I canít wait to embrace it all with you and help create for you an engaging atmosphere. Please keep in mind that we are just getting started and change will be slow, but we are going to start being more active here in the forums and on social media. Get ready to start looking for more official feedback threads and surveys. As part of my introduction, Iíve answered a few questions for you to get to know me.

How long have you been playing video games?
I started playing video games at an early age around 3. My mother was in a bowling league where I spent all of my time in the arcade. I grew up playing Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, Gauntlet, and many other arcade games. My first console was the Nintendo; a few of my favorites from that time are Kickle Kubicle and Spy VS Spy.

Where were you before joining the GREE team?
Before joining the GREE team, I worked at a few other gaming companies. A few of the titles I have worked on are WAKFU, FFXIV, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

What do you bring to the GREE team?
I am an ambitious person with a lot of passion. With my past experiences building communities, I am hoping to help build a great and welcoming atmosphere for players to come and share experiences.

What do you do outside of gaming?
I played a lot of sports growing up. I am really enjoying our local adult dodge-ball league. I enjoy a good time with friends playing board/tabletop games as well.

What is your favorite GREE game?
Rage of the Immortals is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I really enjoy that there are stories to follow and evolving/training fighters. The art-style is nostalgic for me.