Stat display issue tadaah or mods


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Thread: Stat display issue tadaah or mods

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    Exclamation Stat display issue tadaah or mods

    Gree are we able to get a timeline on when you'll
    Fix the display error on the stat section of profile ...

    I like to see esp after war where I sit but there all outta Wack
    Like my ground attack was 50% now it says 25
    And others have jumped and increased ..

    Now I know this hasn't effected stats THANKGoD
    And it's nice you organised it .... But please fix the display

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    Wow my air def must be huge.... I think there is a display error by about 100% lol Does anyone have 320% air def? Certainly not me but there seems to be a display glitch and I wish it was real.

    So when you guys do get around to fixing this please just round things up and make it so... Mmmm k.

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    Am I the only one who have +937% ground attack?

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    Also my alliance increase boosts aren't displaying or adding to my attack stats when I attack someone. Should be 520 allies into battle. Shows only 500 and without the increase in attack stats.

    Sea attack displays +32% even though I am +212%
    Upgrade cost reduction shows 10% even though with boosts should be 19%

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    i just did the new mw update and i also have the same problem.

    either my ground attack bonus is being calculated incorrectly or its a display issue.

    it could also be both since we all know how many things can go wrong and have in the past.

    my ground attack bonus is listed at 32%. that is impossible after over 2.5 years of MW.

    my air atk and def is 300 - 400+%
    my infantry atk and def is 295 - 300+%
    my sea atk and def is 300+%
    my ground def is listed at 400%

    - - - > my ground atk is LISTED at 32% < - - -

    my ticket number (#1773519)

    can a mod help me to resolve this or let us know if you aware of this and are creating a fix for this problem.
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    Bump bump bump

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    Fix is coming in an upcoming update!

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