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    Tired of inactive guilds? Wish you could earn better rewards? Look no further!

    ****HELLO KNIGHTS!****

    Are you looking for an active guild on Andriod with high participation, where you can find a K&D family to call your own?

    Our guilds offer lots of in-game activity, as well as crazy fun chats outside of K&D!

    No matter what your level of play or spending ability we have a place for you!

    Come join the BondBeyondTime family, we have room for everyone, from entry level players just starting out, to experienced gemmers pursuing Top 10!
    LINE messenger app is required to get in on the fun! Download it from the Play Store and contact LINE ID omg_itz_brutus or knd_zeebie today!

    Still not sold? Then read on!

    Why Us?
    The BBT family is an alliance created by top ten guild BondBeyondTime, a direct sub guild of the legendary Death Knights - K&D's #1 Guild! It consists of BBT and many other sub guilds ranging from Top 25 all the way to beginner tiers, from spending required to free energy only! With us you are guaranteed to be placed in a guild. With over 20+ guilds in our family, we really do have a place for everyone!

    We are highly successful because it's not just about the game. We offer a fun, family-oriented environment, where everyone feels part of the action, and is committed to the continued success and dominance that we enjoy.

    If you are interested in experiencing K&D the way it was meant to be enjoyed, look no further! We will support you and help you train until you achieve whatever goal you have for yourself, whether that’s an active free to play guild, or whether you wish to make the journey upwards and become a member of Death Knights!

    Don’t hesitate, contact us today and start playing in the big leagues, with an active and supportive family surrounding you.

    We can't wait to hear from you!

    DK Zenith
    LINE ID: aubreezenith

    NOTE: Below are some of the guilds included within our alliance and their last war rankings.
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    Kingdom of Horror

    Guild name: Kingdom of Horror
    last war rank: #520
    GM: The Beast
    line id: efg-nightghost(Death Shadow)

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    Ahala (BBT Sub) - Ranked #85 last epic war
    GM: Shanto
    Line ID: shanto187

    7 open spots
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    Guild name: Smallville
    Last war rank: 420
    Lv 75, bonuses at 9%
    Line id: knd_daniel or theapocalypse

    We are currently rebuilding

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    In The Know

    Dead gods of Olympia

    Dead gods of Olympia (fire guild)
    Level 61 guild, 32/36 players
    8% all bonuses
    Line: hai2u
    Scored 132 in 3 day due to saving for next war and not going after the rewards,as they were so bad.
    Scored 48 in blitz
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    One of my hugest problems would be explaining to a non PC gamer why my W,A,S,D keys are worn off of my keyboard.

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    Keys of music

    members 24/28
    lvl 38
    bonus wind 7% rest 6%
    last rank 477
    best rank 207

    line I'd Menno2626

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    Qc power

    Level: 75
    Members: 20/40
    All of our bonus are at 10%
    Ranked 14 in epic war
    Ranked 4 in fusion blitz

    Contact mr.black011 or bl7673 or twilightmist or qcp2repo to join us.
    Underboss of Wraiths Disciples

    Debt Collector 99/99, Mariachi$ 99/99, Triple Threat 99/99, Lethal Lover 99/99, Fatal Adventurer 99/99

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    How does it work?

    So how does this work? How can guilds get in the top 25 without gemming?

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    pink tacos

    my guild is pink tacos
    finished 30th last war
    still leveling guild and bonuses

    contact jefferunfaster on line to join

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    Smile hey people

    My guild was death makers we were ranked top 750
    all the bonus are 5-6
    I have 13 players atm
    my line id was. Winkler9
    we are friendly and active
    no gems requerement
    but some players use like me
    The best requerement are have fun together

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    Quote Originally Posted by john.hope View Post
    So how does this work? How can guilds get in the top 25 without gemming?
    It's not possible, but we make it easy to find you a home. If you desire to make a top 25 run, you may save until you have enough gems and make the run at your convenience

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    Detroit, Michigan - USA
    Are guilds split between ios and droid in this game? If so, I'm looking for a Droid guild to work and grow along side with... Please help. Thanks! :-)


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    What is LINE Messenger, i cant find it in the app store and have yet to find any info about it and i see it mentioned all the time.

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    The Higher Power needs you in the Top 100 with us!!

    Hello, I am Vulcan Mask of THP, and we have a few spots open for some dedicated players but our guild requirement is level 90+ we have 15 members that are level 100+ and 5 very close.. We have 10 spots to fill amd we should then be very close to top 100!!!! please add me via Line Chat app which is necessary for Guild wars. My Line I.D. Is "themaskofvulcan" or you can try to add me through knights amd Dragons itself! Looking forward to meeting you and having you along this great journey. We get Further EVERY single war!! my Knights and Dragons I.d. Is XBH-QQG-HNF. Thank you, we are a very friendly bunch. NOBODY gets booted without A VERY good reason. We just want success like everyone else amd we are successful enough that Ive crafted 2 out of my 4 epics out of the Legendary and Leg+ armours we win.. Also we are FREE TO PLAY, I'd NEVER ask you to use gems. That's totally up to the individual. We keep things friendly but I also do what is necessary to keep a successful guild running like a well oiled machine Cheers and hope to have you along for our Victories because we have so much fun in wars. We barely EVER lose. 1 war maybe out of all weekend at the most. I've got all kinds of screenshots to prove how well we do as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan Klocinski View Post
    What is LINE Messenger, i cant find it in the app store and have yet to find any info about it and i see it mentioned all the time. there you can find a download for every system

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