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Thread: Wethebest Recruitibg Top 400

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    Wethebest Recruitibg Top 400

    WTB REQUIREMENTS (Top 400) Rank Top 340

    📌BATTLE.. Follow WTB plan which is posted prior to
    Battle and with a min IP of 15k.📌

    📌Syndicate bonuses.. Donation day every Friday no set amount
    But be generous. No min brick donation is set or uzi's.

    🔫Epic Boss🔫 A min of 15 kills a day

    We are recruiting no stats requirement as long as you can
    Commit to the IP, Epic Boss and Friday Donation.

    Lady Toni
    Syndicate Code 180574929

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    See that Sub Forum for Trades/Help?
    Proud to have been a Prime Mover in it's Creation!

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