Mobster Top 35 last war is recruting!


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Thread: Mobster Top 35 last war is recruting!

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    Mobster Top 35 last war is recruting!

    We did few changes, get our friends back and achived top35 last war, 46 mini WD and 54 before that. Aiming to maintain our position in top50 and with few more players push higher.

    We offer friendly atmosphere, all old Bonuses, most new has been already bought.. Bricks/uzis donation and min 20xiph (weekly) and team playing.
    We looking for:

    - most important active players, still enjoying the game, happy to participate in synd events: raid bosses (we finished all of them), sltq, wars and whatever Gree throws at us

    - we require activity on syd events (RB, sltq) ad good IP scored suring wars

    - groupme is a must

    - be relaxed

    - decent stats:lvl

    If that sounds good for you give me a shout and we will chat in groupme


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    interested in joining

    Very active in all group events. Pick and choose individual to try and keep level down.

    Use groupme all the time

    Stats: lvl 103, ATT-34.1 M, DEF 26.5 Unboosted

    code is 825 962 050

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    How do I join????

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