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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon. View Post
    I didn't say it was a good punishment - in fact I indicated it was very lame, but you also can't factor IPH into your rival list - otherwise you'll be attacking people in the same level, stat and IPH why bother attacking at all? You'd just be trading cash assuming your as dumb as each other and don't collect/bank. Majority of high IPH guys also make it easy, you collect the same time everyday. Between 6:05am and 8am in any timezone is a money mine. Once you figure out when they collect their 12hr and 24 hrs buildings, you know when to camp in their hood.

    You could even say, IRW, you case the route and hit them before they take their collection

    You missed the point about the EB - what I'm saying is because there are so many low levels packing high stats, they have had to increase the DEF level of the EB's for higher levels and stats. Where a mid level used to be able to complete all 100 with 10mil stats and no gold spend, they are now lucky if they can get past Lvl 70-75. in the last EB, a level 30 with 1 mill att could still free hit to lvl 80-85...
    So we are dumb for not collecting, yet you spend 2 hours every morning camping in people's hoods?
    I'd rather be classed as dumb by you than have nothing better to do than camp in someone's hood for 2 hours in the hope of robbing something that most of us can't be bothered to collect.

    I know who sounds more dumb to me..

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    If I see I got robbed, I smash my phone against the wall and savagely beat my wife and kid.

    Please consider that before tapping by buildings.

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