A plague of locusts, or maybe some other bugs?


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Thread: A plague of locusts, or maybe some other bugs?

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    A plague of locusts, or maybe some other bugs?

    I have noticed a significant increase in abandoned kingdoms where there is nothing or nothing but rubble. Could it be that bugs have wiped them out. In the very recent past, we have seen:
    - An orb drop rate near zero.
    - Excessively high data transfer rates, especially on 3G.
    - The Ironbank chest / Raid boss quests crisscrossing where neither quest was usable. Adding a day to the raid boss does not help when there are no orbs to summon bosses.
    - The lag in the LTQs, where kills are not counted and the mob regains full health.
    - Timer issues within quests
    - Insanely high defense boost with a new building/upgrade. This was changed after some time, but people spent real money because the boost was so high and did not want to get wiped out in the next wars or in raids.
    - A box event with an even lower likelihood of achieving 10/10, or even having a "medium" drop rate when using gold
    - Long delays for some players for daily events to show up on their quest list
    - A large disparity between displayed stats and actual stats
    - Hackers in the last war were an issue. The witch hunt for hackers after the fact also pulled in some non-hackers who have since been banned

    I probably missed some. It is a good thing that there is was no time change over the past couple of weeks.

    Excuse me, but I think I hear real life calling.

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    This is awesome .

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