Looking for a home for my 4 accounts


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Thread: Looking for a home for my 4 accounts

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    Looking for a home for my 4 accounts

    Hey all, I'm needing a home. I'm pretty active, 10 hrs a day est.
    I have the basic idea of game play, and do as much as I can. I am rare in saying
    I have 4 active accounts... One really active (my highest lvl) does all the work, my llp basically
    Let her do all the work. I always do my share for my "camping" accounts.
    My llps do wars, EB and RB.. And try and help with guild quests but fail due to poor weapons
    And low energy.

    My accounts are as follows,

    June 13th 2014

    Lvl 59 16.6m A and 15.8m D
    Lvl 68 17.7m A and 18.3m D
    Lvl 77 18.8m A and 19.4m D
    Lvl 154 29.2m A and 29.3m D

    Id like to keep them together if possible.

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    Hi Genuine, would you be interested in joining DaK? We have 8 open spots right now and as long as you can meet requirements and stay active in chat you should be right at home.

    PM me if you would like to discuss further. Or send in a request
    Top 200 - Day and Knights - Invite Code: 149397574

    Current DaK Guild Bonuses:
    Casualty Rate -19%
    Health Regen Time: -19%
    Upgrade Cost -37%
    Building Upgrade Time -40%
    Infantry Defense +50%
    Magic Defense +35%
    Machine Defense +20%
    Beast Defense +15%
    Infantry Attack +15%
    Magic Attack +10%
    Machine Attack +5%
    Guild Member Increase +32

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    As a lot of members stopped playing, so we can use new members.We have
    the following bonuses:
    Casualty rate: -19%
    Health regen time: -14%
    Upgrade cost: -23%
    Infantry defense: +20%
    Magic defense: +15%
    Machine defense: +10%
    Infantry attack: +5%
    Magic attack: +5%
    Machine attack: +5%
    Guild member increase: +22

    If you are interested. Our invite code is 749825918
    You are welcome to join us.

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    I've sent you a pm, genuine, you'd be a great addition to Norfick warriors.

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    Home found! Thanks for all the offers ����

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