Hey Gree staff,

Let's take a moment. Relax. Refocus.

We understand that things in Kingdom Age got a little hairy this weekend, and that probably had some effect on the "fire sale" air unit, and the delay in yesterday's events.

Our players are relatively passionate about value for funds/time expended on gaining stats, and when their expectations do not match the results anticipated, there may be a revolt to quell.

So, take a breather, refocus, and tell your upper monetization managers to chill out because their requirements are figuratively killing the golden goose. I mean really...who pays for this kind of stuff? You've lucked into a unique class of gamer that is actually willing to participate, and pay to do so! This is a rare breed. Cherish and coddle it.

Have another round, relax, and get focused on the next step...whatever it is.

My next theme for a posting may be on quelling rebellions...always great imagery for those!!!