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    Unhappy Extreme LAG İssue

    Hi Everyone,

    Sincerly after the last interface update which comes up with great enchancing and fusing features also the announcement that sandstorm is fuseable, i face with an extreme lag issue.

    After i access to the game, everything appears normal but then when i get in to arena and make a couple attacks or farm the dark prince or epic boss even travelling around the kingdom it starts lagging like 1second move 1 second lag even in the loading screen when the circle moves it lags over there as well.

    it start approximatly after 50 seconds i start the game.

    before the last bug fixing update the game also crushes a lot between the logging and these lags but the crushes are gone after bug fixing update unlike the lags.

    I tried evey common knowledge that migth help to fix this issues like deleting app restarting phone , updating game manually so on but any of them didnt help with my problem.

    My game is ruined , i cant go much like this also i read the rate notes in google play store in Turkey many players also complained about this lag issues please help me about what can i do.
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    Me two

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    Yeah, ive been hearing it from some players. Admins please pass on the info to the devs, its really bad thing that dedicated player is being suddenly so disabled.
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    Same here. Can barely fight after it kicks in
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    I also have this problem since new updates

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    I tried deleting installing, killing app restarting everything with various devices but coudnt fix it

    weird thing is when i delete and reinstall the game it even lags while making the update the circle lags...
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    Quick question: Is everyone that's having the lag issue on Android? If so, it would seem they don't have a decent server, since the recent "blackout" only affected Android useres.
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