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    looking for a home?

    With all the alliances and all the gems flying around it's hard for new player and non gemming players to find that place they belong. Most strong guilds have point and gem minimums some plays won't our can't do that.

    Well the X Knights are trying to help. The Uncanny X Knights are a level 60 requirement guild that is focused on
    Training players teaching players techniques to level and beat the Bosses.

    This is NOT an alliance guild we don't promote stripping (unless you are working your way through school) or cheating, just having fun. If you are interested contact me on the free app line. include your level and where you are from. Fight on knights!

    Line id: xkdomo
    X Knights Champion
    Uncanny X Knights GM (UXK Domo)

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    nice guild

    Very nice guild

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    Houston Texas

    Recruiting for x Most Wanted x

    Knights and Dragons ~DROID~

    Very young guild with lots of promise.

    My Code: WBX-BQF-XRY
    Knights Name: MW Recruiter GC
    Level: 81, gaining lvls daily still.

    Guild: x Most Wanted x
    Guild Level:19
    Status: Recruiting Active Players Only

    Current Bonuses
    Fire: 4%
    Air: 4%
    Water: 4%
    Earth: 4%
    Spirit: 4%

    Ranked inside top 900 in last blitz, and I solo'd 20k of those points.

    Commander spots open atm, room for promotions though if earned.

    Add me for an invite or search guild.
    My LINE ID is toxic_wraith. You can contact me there also with your friend code.
    Might be open to a guild merger, if u have what we r looking for. About 8 very active members u would have to have room for. Atm

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    [IOS] Disturbed Angels, recruiting very good guild just looking for members!

    Join "Disturbed Angels"

    Level 15 Guild

    Friendly active guild trying to improve our rankings.

    Often Online talking about what to do with our guild and then random convos about everything and anything.

    We are more interesting in developing players and therefore our guild, we only ask you are above lvl 30 and active and friendly, Some exceptions if you are a little lower than level 30 "if" you are active. We only have 4 guild members at the moment we all know each other in real life, but we are gaining levels daily. We will not kick if you lack on contribution only if your inactive.


    Disturbed Angels

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    We need new members

    Guild name is "Only active gamers", and we are looking for new active members.
    if you are one of very few active members in your guild, or just want to be in stronger company and an active and lively community, download Line messenger and contact me anytime.

    My ID in Line app: hanniballector

    Guild lvl is 26 and currently bonuses are:
    Earth - 6%
    Water - 6%
    Fire - 6%
    Spirit - 6%
    Air - 6%

    18 members currently. Minimum lvl is 30.

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    looking to join a top 250 guild

    I'm a week old player but I already have four 4 stars armours,most of my city is covered in training fields,deep understanding of strategy n RPG games,I play apps 50+ hours a week,and I buy gems. Looking to join a established guild to grow with,finished PvP ranked 226 after only playing for 5 days

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    level 37

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    iOS guild:

    Level 71 almost maxed guild bonuses almost maxed fire bonuse at 9% earth at 10% all others 8%
    Currently 3 spots open looking for recruits we are looking for at least level 40 and above all participation! Participation in all guild activities such as guild wars if you can not make it let us know Must donate 30k a week in gold no gems only if you want must have LINE app find orcheeze in line chat if you join go over our rules for wars.
    last guild war Shadowed was ranked 136

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    iOS or android?

    Quote Originally Posted by XcoyoteX View Post
    I'm a week old player but I already have four 4 stars armours,most of my city is covered in training fields,deep understanding of strategy n RPG games,I play apps 50+ hours a week,and I buy gems. Looking to join a established guild to grow with,finished PvP ranked 226 after only playing for 5 days
    If your are an iOS player my guild can help you grow as a player😄

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    Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

    If you play on Android and are looking to join a well established Max level 75 guild then look no further,
    Bring The Rain (BTR) are currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

    You Must Be Level 70+
    You Must Have Line App
    You Must Be Active at All Wars

    We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars is requested,

    Guild Stats:

    Level 75 Max

    Air Bonus 10% Max
    Earth Bonus 10% Max
    Water Bonus 10% Max
    Spirit Bonus 9%
    Fire Bonus 9%

    Last 3 day war we reached top 50

    To be apart of this amazing guild visit or add the ID: franek (Guild Master) on the Line app,

    My Friend Code: WBG-FPC-BDR

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    Zenandpeace recruiting

    Hi There

    Just want everyone who is looking for a fun, non-gemming guild on Android to know that Zenandpeace is recruiting!

    Our current bonuses are

    Water 6% (will be bumped up to 8% for the Epic Raid boss tomorrow)
    Spirit 6%
    Earth 7%
    Air 7%
    Fire 7%

    We placed Ribbon E in the last fusion war with only 8 active members, so we've decided to recruit some members and see what we can accomplish.

    The only real requirement we have is that you enjoy playing.

    If you don't have all your fields unlocked / built, work towards that.
    If you aren't level 100, work towards that.

    Once your fields are built you should be contributing when you can, that's how we get bonuses and, summon guardians, and summon epic raid bosses.

    During guild wars we ask that you attack 12 times a day, win or lose!
    It's fun and easy, we will help you understand what to attack and when if you don't know already.

    I will certainly take the time to guide people who have any questions as far as what they should be doing during guild events and how to contribute, even if you're not interested in the guild.

    We value kinship more than points!!

    And overall have fun playing the game!

    Search Zenandpeace or message me here and join our guild!!!

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    The Scooby Gang

    The Scooby Gang is looking for new members. We are a relatively new guild that is currently level 19 and has been ranking around Ribbion G in guild war events and looking to improve. We currently have a 4% bonus for all armors.

    -Level 30 and above
    -Participation in Guild events is our main requirement
    -Contributions to the Guild Bank is encouraged
    -Android system
    -Desire to have fun
    -Note: We do boot for inactivity, especially if you are not participating in guild events

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    Looking to add to a good guild

    We are a top 400 guild level 53 looking to go higher. We have 17 high level members at this time all very active. We are looking for players level 70 and up. If you want to be in a good helpful guild friend me XBR-PPH-VFP ios

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    We are a fairly new guild looking for active members. We are on iOS and are accepting all active players.
    Level 22
    13/23 members
    Bonuses are as follows.
    Fire 4%
    Earth 4%
    Wind 4%
    Water 5%
    Spirit 5%
    All active members are welcome, level doesn't matter, line is not required but it is encouraged, Guild Sentinel and Guild Champion spots are available.
    Contact speaker3 on line or just apply to TeamThreeStar.

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    Wolf den is accepting new members after this war, level 30+ and must be active, no war minimums yet just show your active and willing to take part, all level 5 bonuses and a few HC spots available, line ID wolf3x6 hit me up if your interested or pm me

    we are a new guild but growing fast, I am the GM level 107 with a few epics

    Friend code WBD-NZQ-BCM

    Also no Gemming is required!

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