Jumpers needed!!!!!!


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Thread: Jumpers needed!!!!!!

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    Jumpers needed!!!!!!


    Our jumpers went and helped a bunch of guilds and we got BURNT!!!!

    We are a great bunch and have helped many guilds over the past year!

    Do the right thing, do a good thing and help us.


    Day and Knights (DaK)

    Best regards Loki
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    We need about 140 more we will return favor

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    t2c has a jumper out with skulls if anyone still needs a hand. accepting invites on the 15 mins

    Cyb - 200-710-318
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    Jumpers pls help, we are on 5/5 need only 11 skulls. You may have the bonus in here.
    I'm wathing at my door every 2 mnts now and will make jumping to help other after our quest finish.

    MK 547619309
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