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    An Evening Without Won

    So what are we all playing while Gree get their act together?

    For me it's Boom Beach. Add a chat and alliance structure to it and bye bye WON lol.

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    Lol Rex. Sitting here trying to hold in my frustrations. 6 hours and still counting is just not good enough.

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    I kissed my ltm goodbye a couple of hours ago. Playing 2048 at the moment!!

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    World war

    Guys, any idea on how will the cross world event work (or not work!)?

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    It has been 6 plus hours, units in the air, just teleported, in middle of a war with another alliance that just started. GREE better fix this s Hit

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    You had any luck

    Quote Originally Posted by V_shark View Post
    Guys, any idea on how will the cross world event work (or not work!)?
    You had any luck with getting back in? I downloaded their "bug fix". and for last 6 plus hours, cannot get back in.

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    Server still down me thinks...

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    Anyone found any similar game to this?
    Top 25 here we come watch out!

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    I'm playing the "wake up and make coffee game" lol. I'll probably just get on my computer and play some Counterstrike: Source

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    This is the cross world event it stasrted early !only level 1 players their capping all the 34 bases!!!

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