We are Rainbow Europe and we are looking for applicants who play on iOS EU server (if your game does not yet have Shadowforged armour and dragonforged is only available through collection of coins/horns, youíre on EU server).

Our guild has grown into one of, if not THE best, independent non-alliance guild on EU server. We have a large group of strong core members, many of whom have been with us since the guild was brand new. We don't strip, and we make T10 or T25 every event (more often than not unplanned).

So why does such a strong guild need to advertise? Well, we donít. But I have always believed in giving newer players a chance, and some players may expect our minimums to be too hard to bother applying. That simply isnít the case and our minimums are more than achievable on free energy:

War minimum is 30 attacks. You donít have to win them all. Usual rank is to aim T50 but but end up T25 depending on if people want the milestones.

Raid minimum is T25 Ė 1.5 million commander, 2 million HC (level 4 and 3 bosses).
Top 10 Ė 5 million commander, 6 million HC (level 6 bosses moving onto 4s if we have a big gap).

Minimums are not maximums and are set low as I understand people have lives and sometimes not enough time to play. However overachieving is strongly encouraged, and anyone doing the bare minimum every event will be removed.

You should be a minimum of Level 80 and working hard to get to Level 100 as quickly as possible.
You should have at least an epic boss level armour for each of your 6 knights maxed, and preferably epics.
If you are super active, loyal and a team player who is able to meet the T10 raid minimums I laid out above, we would like to hear from you. Or if you feel you are an armour or two away from meeting the criteria, send me a message on Line. Exceptions can be made for the right player.

We do not accept applications in game. ALL applications should be through Line App. My ID is indigo123 Ė add me and send me a message that you would like to apply to RE Ė the App is a free download from App Store, and every half decent guild uses it. You wonít get far without it, so just do it, you wonít regret it 