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Thread: On A Positive Note...

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    On A Positive Note...

    All to often when you come onto to this site, all you see are posts that are complaining about one thing or another associated with MW.

    I wanted to share with you a recent experience that occurred within our faction which has demonstrated just one of the many positive experiences that this maddening game has provided to us....and I'm sure many other factions.

    Without getting into too much detail, one of our members has been going through a personal family experience which has drawn us closer together as a group. It is an ongoing issue, with peaks and valleys and one that he has decided to share with us...which in and of itself is pretty amazing.

    Just this past week, the family member needed surgery to navigate the most recent valley. Everything went well and we were all relieved. That was when the coolest thing happened; a teammate came up with the idea of sending the family member flowers and donating money to cancer research. Everyone on the faction rallied around the idea....then members of a faction in CC caught wind of what was going on and volunteered to assist also.

    From Dubai, the Philippines, Scotland, England and all across the US, people who have never meant each other face to face rallied around a fellow team member in an effort to make his and his family's life just a bit brighter.

    I'm only positing this to draw attention to something positive that has occurred in my life due to my involvement with this game. Of course, MW is not the cause of this; it is simply the vehicle that has led me on this small journey.

    It was though...and is a truly special moment and one that I won't soon forget.
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    This brang a tear to my eye.
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    Wow! That's really cool. You guys are great
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    And this is the main reason I'm still playing this game the friends I have made along the way from top 10 to top 1000

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    Nice job guys, it's hard to describe to people who don't play how a faction can become a second family. You guys are a great example of that.

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    Excellent way to support a team mate!
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