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Thread: New ltb

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    I think it's time to sell my beach nightclubs as I don't even have a beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wawoftam View Post
    No point whining. There is always whining....too expensive....too cheap.....not enough iph.......crap rewards......not enough time.......building is too big.........building is ugly........can't complete.... odd payout times.
    How on earth can Gree keep all players happy with an LTB? It can't and as such won't. Just be happy they are mixing them up a bit. If you don't like it don't build it and save for the next one.

    Go outside and smell the roses. Life will go on.

    BTW, a 12 hour one is great IMO no matter what level you can get it to.
    amen, every ltb all i read about is people whining. if u dont like it dont build it. if it cost to much for u. rob or dont build it. gree made this ltb for hight iph people cause they made several for the lower iph people and all the high iph whined about it. SO EVERYONE STOP WHINING

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    Pretty sweeeeeet

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