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Thread: LMAO this event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socks View Post
    No, my main hasn't lost anything, actually. Gained about 60k actually.
    Well, we all see you're a team player...hope your faction takes note as you watch them try to win, while you sit back laughing and getting your 60k rise in stats, and your 2mil increase for your mini.
    Once upon a time led a Top 25 Faction, now...

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    I think this event would be ok if the battles were 10 minutes like they said they would be. It needs more time to sort through units , deploy, and direct other members of your faction. The event definitely has a bunch of bugs to work through.

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    Form letter to your faction leaders.

    I thought I would help out those that don't have the time to play this most recent event to address over-zealous faction members pushing hard for this unplanned weekend activity. Uneven participation in this event requires actual stat sacrifice to pull off a win, and there are some social contribution inequities that will cause some team problems, probably leading to less participation/burnout.

    Paragraphs are less than the 450 chars. allowed in a GroupMe post.


    Hey [INSERT NAME HERE]—I just want to let you know where I am which this new event. I hate it. Too much time needed with too much scrolling, and too many little mini battles. I can't be glued to my phone like this for 30+ min at a stretch. We shouldn’t be expected to do an event just because Gree rolled out a new one.

    I appreciate the effort that others have put in, but I neither expected anyone to do anything on my behalf, nor did I sign up for this kind of commitment. It is so unfair to heavy lifters to sacrifice actual stats to come out for a win, where the cash/gold would be better put into their own units and stats.

    Neither the final reward, nor the ones in the interim will likely cause an increase, and those members of the faction that do absolutely nothing will have a net gain. That is unjust, and a major ground for dissatisfaction to the heavy participants. IMHO, Gree has a lot to work out, and this event shouldn’t be a game-changer for our team.

    We should ride it out, and not chase this whale. Take some time and think about it, and if you need room for the group, you can use my slot for a more pro-Gree participant . . . if I’m going to gamble, I want an actual return, not some make-believe pixel bulls***.
    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    I feel sorry for those who post and complain, seriously guys you are wasting your time.
    Just sit back and watch Rome burn.

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