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Thread: Add me-thread

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    How to add code!!!!!!!!???????

    Suppp guys.. How can i add code or friends? I cant enter a code pls help me out.. Tnx

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    Add me as a friend :)

    Add me pls. Jejepogi

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    Add me

    Add me: MF-05E-Y4-0WC

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    I cant add that code thing:/ how to add? Anyone could help me?

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    Add me

    Here is my add me code MF-29D-E5-9OH also if anyone is looking for a good active alliance come and join us.Just search canadianspecialforces in the alliance menu, we have all the upgrades this far and are a top ranked alliance

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    Add me pls


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    May 2014


    Join a top 100 alliance with all the bonuses bought. Groupme link - You're invited to my new group 'Samurai blood' on GroupMe. Click here to join:

    Limited spaces. Hurry while this offer lasts.

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    Add me

    Please add me: xcv

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    Add me


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    Please add: MF-04O-F7-1NZ

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    Add me please


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    add me

    MW 471-974-823 SGT ANDO

    KA 132-397-823 Ando

    CC 288-849-473 Ando

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    Add me:
    MW 471-974-823 SGT ANDO

    KA 132-397-823 Ando

    CC 288-849-473 Ando

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    MF-15H-N5-5PQ there's my code. Thanks
    Christopher Walken Ded (Beyond The Dead)

    Friendly and Active Alliance
    Recruiting Active Players

    Referral Code: 175-461-084
    Alliance Code: 586-729-223

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