I'm an officer of the crew Killer Rabbits. We are a laid back crew that likes to have fun, but are serious at the same time. We are looking for active members to help participate in syndicate events and missions. Our only requirements are that you're active, loyal, and donate a small sum of money at least 1-2 times a week. We do not require you to use your gold for us.
Our leader is wawker and he is a very cool guy, and you'd be glad to meet him. I had his permissions to recruit our syndicate here.

Credit to: Bob, billy bob 2, Bob R, hot mama, set for real, burn, wawker and myself for making it to the top 1500.

SYNDICATE CODE: 456 033 867

War Rules:

1. We declare WAR on the even hours of the campaign clock so we know when to meet up and to have time to heal.
2. The lowest member should try to be the one to declare WAR it should help get lower level syndicates to destroy.
3. Post on the forum who you attacked and their defense for the other members to help plan their attack.

Our Bonuses:
Fight respect payout: +20%
Job payout: +20%
Car defense: +25%
Building output: +25%
Melee attack: +5%
Melee defense: +25%
Gun defense +25%
Armor attack: +10%
Armor defense: +20%
Explosive defensive: +15%
Building defense: +25%
Hideout health: +10%
Syndicate member increase: +20%