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    Banning the wrong members.

    What in God's name is going on Gree?

    I've just gotten permanently banned. No warning, no nothing. What because I had a decent amount of gems and gold? Seriously, guys. Get it together!

    This is rubbish, now I'm going to miss out on this War Epic+. Cheers for that.

    Yours truly

    Hades RR
    Officer in the Rainbow Coalition.
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    Our Guildmaster has been banned as well for no reason. Things are messed up.

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    So my account has been banned as well on android, and people kicked out of our guild but nobody kicked them. WTF GREEd? Why you banning me? Am I not spending enough money in your game anymore?
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    If you get perma banned, you're auto removed from the guild and friends, etc.

    Hades is a legit player though. Should be restored.

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    List of money spent


    I see there is a fair number of players being banned, and I think it would be interested to just collect the amout we all spent on the game to sum up. That will make Gree/Iugo and players realize what they have done.

    I would like to just see an anonymous list saying like:
    - I spent $1300 and got banned
    - I spent $600 and got banned

    etc.. And it will sum up to a headline saying like - "We spent $100 000 on a Gree game and got banned"

    We could then publish this on a blog or something to warn people about spending money on a Gree game.

    Regards from a player bringing iugo/Gree a lot of money (prob not any more) ...

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    Angry Same old

    Gree needs to sort out this banning system or at least improve it by telling people the reasons they have been banned , some of us and I can only vouch for hades spend a lot of money on this game so to be banned without any reasons is pretty low and treating some of your best customers this way is disgusting

    Also what happened with BandaRR in arena , another one of your best customers

    We spend a lot to Enjoy this game and you treat some of your best spenders like crap

    From a concerned member of rainbow rug
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    While we're at it the guy who rightly deserves first in the Arena for the last week is a good mate, he didn't deserve to lose that reward either.

    BandaRR is his name. He's one of your best customers.

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    My friends are friends of hadesRR and i know that they ALL spend lots of money just to buy gems in your game.
    They are your customers, fair customers. So try to be fair to them as well. It's also for the future of the game.
    And one more thing, if you banned players kindly tell them the reason first on why they were banned or give them some warnings. Also please make your customer support's active, a player will wait for 4-5days just to receive a reply and the bad thing is the reply is only an automated one. Your quick reply and help are much appreciated Gree

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough middle fingers just to show you how i feel

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    I'm sorry hades , I hope you get your account back soon ;(
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    Cant log in to game

    My account also can't log in. keep popping "need to reload"
    Is this consider BANNED? I've purchasing Gems and they do this to me??? Need and answer on this!

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    Are y'all sure none of you duplicated gems, on accident or on purpose? I know at least 1 guild that replied where we had one of our glitchers went too. Not calling anyone a cheater though.

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    Is it possible that someone hacked Gree's servers and is taking out competition by perma-banning them? Just seems a little coincidental that 2 people from the Rainbow Coalition get banned right before an epic GW.
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    Nope. All gems are purchased. Still have the invoice in my mailbox

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    Angry Banned for no reason

    I've recently bought $600 in gems and get banned the next week! Please unban me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adisty View Post
    Is it possible that someone hacked Gree's servers and is taking out competition by perma-banning them? Just seems a little coincidental that 2 people from the Rainbow Coalition get banned right before an epic GW.
    ridiculous, was following a cheater I reported.. finally he got banned today and he wasnt in a major guild so it wasnt to eliminate competition.
    finally gree dropped the ban hammer. Im glad they did.
    accounts wont be flagged as glitcher unless theres a reason, gree dev's have access to all data, its possible to easily detect a mismatch of gems and transactions after you remove the amount of free gems you should be able to obtain per x time. there are many suggested algorithms I can think of.
    anyway stop complaining in this forum. you have support you should contact if youre really "clean" that is
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