IHF are recruiting and we want you!


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Thread: IHF are recruiting and we want you!

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    Cool IHF are recruiting and we want you!

    Hi all!

    Let me start by introducing IHF.
    We're a fun group of 30 ppl, we're drama free and no gold diggers.
    We ranked 729 last battle, with only 23 active at that time.
    4 of our members used to top 25, but got tiered of buying gold, so we started a new syndicate.
    We understand that everyone has a life outside CC. All but 3 bonuses are maxed out!
    We use message me as communication app.
    We've still got 30 spots open, so if you wanna join, or a team wants to merge, give me a buzz and we'll work something out.

    Greetz Griselda Blanco and her team
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