What happened to MXZ?


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Thread: What happened to MXZ?

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    What happened to MXZ?

    Always enjoyed his posts, doesn't seem to be around any longer. Same as quite a few others I guess.

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    HTC White got banned world wide.

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    Level 143

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    I think MXZ and Dippy are on Brokeback mountain.

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    I was wondering where MXZ had gone.

    I assumed he was busy putting together a commitee and building that hall of fame.

    I was expecting a work of art as it's taken so long
    CC History

    Financial District Fallout >FC's unbeaten reign came to an end in a fair fight against SAS on 18/11/13.

    We Be Clubbin' District >Fight Club won its 14th district in a row and retired as the greatest syndicate in CC.

    Nightlife District Knockout >Lights Out took 1st place from SAS by a mere 47,644 points.

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    HTC white prerequisite I'm not aloud to hit 2k or I'm fired without pay.

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