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Thread: Glitch.

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    It has happened to multiple times. Collect buildings, log out, log in and half my buildings didn't collect or we're raided.

    What I've started doing is when I have to collect or do something I need to stick.. When it gets done open faction tab and click chat. Or do something else that forces a server response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bone Daddy View Post
    Pretty sure this Glitch is the result of Gree's adjustments to the game to eliminate the ios energy glitch. I wonder what glitches will be created when they fix this glitch.
    I can only hope GREE fixes the airplane glitch sooner rather than later. What a way to ruin the game! The other glitches (particularly the one I an multitudes of others are enduring) need resolution as well, sooner rather than later.

    Terribly annoying, as is being ignored by GREE.

    The frustration grows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Destroyer! View Post
    ...The frustration grows...
    and will continue to grow until one day you realise with all the ongoing issues, what a load of toilet this game really is. There are so many better gaming experiences out there, I'm glad I've taken myself away from this misery. Played for over 15 months and it has only gotten worse in every aspect as time passed...

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    Guys and gals, at some point when problems are not or ever addressed they become part of the game players experience. These are features and not glitches.

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    It hasn't been a chronic issue for me, but it has happened a few times. It's throwing off my building collection times because only some of the buildings will stay collected but others will not have registered the collection so I log back in and half my 24 hour buildings are still not collected.
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