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    Red face [Android] The Immortals - Recruiting!

    Heyaa guys =]!

    The Immortals is back on Funzio with a new recruitment thread.
    We're a talk joyfully guild, with 'crazy' people hanging around. Therefore it's hard to read all messages!
    But even if we're a maxed (75) guild, we still need more people funny people to talk and fight on our side while a guild war!

    Guild Bonuses:
    9% Water
    9% Fire
    8% Spirit
    8% Earth
    8% Air

    -Android player
    -LINE active!
    -reasonable person (you shouldn't be too young, because we have weird talks sometimes)
    -Level 100 (exceptions can be made)
    -Strong armor set (2 EB+ or stronger)
    -active during wars;
    -16,5k war points (epic war)
    -6,5k war points (fusion war)

    Usually we aim for Top 100 and land somewhere in the Top 70. We were also multiple wars in the Top 50, which might be our future goal. But if too many people leave the guild for the epic before a war, we decide to do a 'chill'-war and relax on 10k min in the 200's.

    We're an allied guild of Majestic and part of the Majestic Family.
    Which helps us in multiple ways, for example war coordination or Top 10 goals.

    How to apply:
    Please contact us on Line!
    We have 2 active recruiters at the moment:
    "le-phill" and "messick26"

    Might the force be with you guys! Hopefully we'll see some crazy people soon!

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    ~Croy (Lvl 100+) [Android]

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    Bump for Immortals even though I'm not in it

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