The way Gree has made this game in the last 18months to cater to Sup and its sister factiobs they need to change the game name to Modern Sup because all these events cater just to them because the common player cant even come remotely close to finishing such events I have been playing since this game came out and it has changed heavily to favor the factions of Sup 1-? Because we dont know how many Sups there are when I first played this game the boss event was fun and on average I coukd get to the lvl 40 boss with no issue when it was 50 now its an arm and a leg to even get close and I havent even reached the 150+boss threshold Gree u need to fix these events or balance it out because the last time I completed a ltq it had a ensrgy boost piece but now its not event worth to do majorty of these events because of the way yall have changed this game to cater to yalls piggies known as Sup yall need to fix the android bugs and ios bugs reduce the energy and gold cost to finish some of these events and fix the wde issues other wise this game is finished its basically u have money u can be strong if not then you are SOL.