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    "MOVE-IN READY" Syn for new and active group w/ strong leadership - Many Bonuses!!!

    Former top 150 Faction has tons of bonuses as well as ton of long time hard core players that just can't keep going. No one can play forever, but why let all these bonuses go to waste?

    Give your Team a jump start! Take your young, eager, and enthusiastic new crew to the next level by moving into our spacious digs and enjoying all of the bonuses that would take months to buy otherwise!

    While we still have a small and dedicated core of players you'll have to put up with, we have plenty of room to absorb an entire small to mid size Faction with our upgraded guild. Our leaders want your help with leadership, too! Your leadership will be given as much say as they have now - all of your officers can still be officers! Current leadership just wants our baby to be in good hands and not go to waste.

    We've always been a mixed gold and gold-free Faction, and are expecting to hear from newer but similar Factions in the top 1000

    Only Requirements:
    - active
    - enthusiastic
    - fun
    - GroupMe enabled

    Hit me up to set up with questions or to set up a GroupMe chat room for full on discussion

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    Looking for more members for our top 600 faction. We are looking for more European and Asian based players that can help us succeed while our US based players are away.

    Consistent activity on Palringo
    2X IPH daily donation
    participation in ALL faction events

    Current bonuses:
    Health Regen: -23%
    Ground Attack: +5%
    Infantry Attack: +15%
    Infantry Defense: +35%
    Ground Defense: +25%
    Air Defense: +10%
    Sea Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +35%
    Building Output: +10%
    Guild Increase: +18

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