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Thread: MERGING FACTIONS: Post Here (Only factions who want to merge)

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    Lets keep this at the top

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    Looking @ a small faction to have merge with us

    The Justice League of A

    Faction Code - 437 635 876

    We are looking at a potential for 10 - 15 players from a faction, we have placed in the top 500 before the faction lost a few players. We have now rebuilt to 28 and just need a push of 500k Attack + players to put us back where we belong and grow again!

    Most of our players are 1 mil + and our DL is 6 mil +

    Ping me a mail if interested, with a good faction we can hit top 500 again and then keep growing :P

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    Elysium Looking for Faction to Bring in

    Elysium made position 1124 in Chile with 10 slots open. We are committed to be at least top 750.

    As of now we are at 35/46 and could make a little more room by moving some minis.

    We are looking for daily players with over 800K attack and defense willing to donate daily iph X 10 and being a team player.

    Our DL has over 4.5 million

    We use Palringo and have a forum.

    Our bonuses are:
    Health Regeneration Time -26%
    Ground Attack +10%
    Air Attack +5%
    Infantry Attack +15%
    Infantry Defense +35%
    Ground Defense +30%
    Air Defense +20%
    Sea Defense +20%
    Building Defense +35%
    Building Output +20%
    Guild Member increase +26

    If you are interested in merging with us please add me and talk to me in game 904-923-479

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    Killer Team - 672 622 240 We have 11 available spots of 46 total

    We have great bonuses but need active players with att/def over 1mil
    Top 750 Team
    Currently use Groupme
    PM me if you have a group that is interested in merging we can add 2 more spaces by guild increase

    Faction: Killer
    Invite code: 672622240

    Casualty rate: -5%
    Health Regen Time: -30%
    Ground Attack: +10%
    Air Attack: +5%
    Infantry Attack: +15%
    Sea Attack: +5%
    Infantry Defense: +35%
    Ground Defense: +35%
    Air Defense: +25%
    Sea Defense: +20%
    Bldg Defense: +35%
    Bldg Output: +20%
    Guild Member Increase +26

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    Faction finders
    Aiming for top 500 in our 16th war together in Turkey
    44/44 members but will buy more guild bonuses or remove minis as needed to make room for a active group
    Palringo is the chat app we use
    let me know of any questions you might have, bonuses and invite code is listed below

    Faction # is 586-044-869

    Building defense 20%
    Building out put 10%
    Infantry defense 30%
    Ground defense 25%
    air defense 20%
    Sea defense 10%
    Infantry attack 10%
    ground attack 10%
    Health bonus 26%
    Guild increase +24

    Very active faction leader/dl 5.5/6.3 mil

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    Looking for a Top 400 faction with 20-30 members to join us

    Camel Toe Thrashers
    Top 250-Top 400

    Health Regen: -26%
    Ground ATT: +10%
    Ground Def: +35%
    Air ATT: +10%
    Air Def: +20%
    Infantry ATT: +15%
    Infantry Def: +35%
    Sea Def: +20%
    Building Output: +20%
    Building Def: +30%
    Guild Member Increase: +32

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    To the top

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    raid boss merge

    Hay guys, As you have all prob read on the forum the boss health is 70% stronger, now alot of faction will be standing down but we want to finish!!!! We will do what is needed to do so and make room for 10/15 members but you must be at least 8mil stats!! For this to work, my guys are willing to spend gold but so must you be unless your stats are massive. Post here or pm me with stats and number of players wanting in on the action.

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    Merge with Sands of Time Warriors

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    Welcome home

    10th Mountain Div 220251075

    We are a top 600 faction looking for a few active players.
    GroupMe is a must for a good time.

    We have a good crew and are looking for a few more active players. Come join us.

    Health regen 35%
    Ground attk 10%
    Air attk 5%
    Infantry attk 15%
    Infantry def 35%
    Ground def 25%
    Air def 15%
    Sea def 15%
    Building def 15%
    Building output 15%
    Guild members +22

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    We finished 110 last war only 250k away from top 100.. we also finished the raid boss and the 5 day boss event..we use groupme which is a must since we use the dockbot which one of our guys created.. looking to fill 15-20 spots of we can find the right people.. with your help we can be a top 100 team easy maybe even higher..

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    "MOVE-IN READY" Syn for new and active group w/ strong leadership - Many Bonuses!!!

    Former top 150 Faction has tons of bonuses as well as ton of long time hard core players that just can't keep going. No one can play forever, but why let all these bonuses go to waste?

    Give your Team a jump start! Take your young, eager, and enthusiastic new crew to the next level by moving into our spacious digs and enjoying all of the bonuses that would take months to buy otherwise!

    While we still have a small and dedicated core of players you'll have to put up with, we have plenty of room to absorb an entire small to mid size Faction with our upgraded guild. Our leaders want your help with leadership, too! Your leadership will be given as much say as they have now - all of your officers can still be officers! Current leadership just wants our baby to be in good hands and not go to waste.

    We've always been a mixed gold and gold-free Faction, and are expecting to hear from newer but similar Factions in the top 1000

    Only Requirements:
    - active
    - enthusiastic
    - fun
    - GroupMe enabled

    Hit me up to set up with questions or to set up a GroupMe chat room for full on discussion

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    top 2500 faction

    32 total slots, 6 open... 10-12 total could easily be open if need be.

    INVITE CODE 229 354 410

    Health Regen Time: -19%
    Infantry Attack: +5%
    Infantry Defense: +25%
    Ground Defense: +15%
    Air Defense: +10%
    Sea Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +20%
    Building Output: +10%
    Guild Member Increase + 12

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    [QUOTE=Tater tots;1170364][b][size=4]MERGING FACTIONS: POST HERE[LIST]

    *Name of faction
    *How many members
    *Chat app used

    Jazz Club
    234 (best)
    50 spots
    71 bonuses

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