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Thread: MERGING FACTIONS: Post Here (Only factions who want to merge)

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    HaB & GHS looking for mergers to us

    Hell and Back ranked 507 in the last WD and we are looking for another team to merge / join us. We can accommodate between 15-25 players. We use Groupme chat and Dockbot for Intel. We don't require gold but do expect all players to be active and pull their own weight. We have all faction bonuses maxed, billions in the faction and concrete being accumulated.

    If interested, join our GHS Recruitment Room so we can discuss the details further. Please ensure when joining that you state you are interested in discussing a merger.

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    Skull and Bones looking for active members can free 20 spots for merger join our groupme room if want talk
    You're invited to my new group "Skull And Bones Recruitment Room" on GroupMe.

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    Zba looking to bring new members into faction. Sitting with 44/60 spots full but can open more. Bonuses maxed, ton of cash and access to top 25 faction accounts. Just need to be active and have fun. Willing to bring in another faction or individuals. Finished 502 in wd with only 1 war being fought on Easter (faction decision for family time). Pm me if interested.

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    USMC Vets 842160452 is looking for a smaller faction to merge with us. We finish wars just outside the Top 500 and have 86 of the 104 faction bonuses. Our health regeneration bonus is maxed. We can accept up to 25 new members into our fun faction. We us LINE to communicate. Reply here, contact dbair on LINE, or add 391919151 to your Allies List and post on my wall. Let's build a powerful faction together!

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    The Greatest Global Faction ranked 750 last frontline want to have faction to merge with us bonuses maxed out except for last 6 spots 37/58 membership great core group dl is 87 billion We use line chat for communication

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    Missbehaving: founder and leader of The MissFits. Good group, hard working, top 40 bloodbath rank achieved with only five or six of us actually contributing while our new members were building and upgrading their base camps and fighting units. Looking to pull in a small alliance or several heavy hitting free agents to catapult our ranking capabilities to the level we know we can reach! Top ten look for us soon! Join our growing team that comes with a true loyal family feel!

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    Are you a small faction with active players looking to move up? "Corpsman Up!" currently has 12 spots open and we are looking for a another active faction that wants to merge with us. We could open up some additional spots if your factions is larger then 12.

    Corpman Up has been a top 1000 faction for the past 2 years. We had been in the top 500, but due to attrition of active players, we have fallen back to top 1000. We would love to push back into the top 500! We are a relaxed group of guys who just play for the fun of it. Yes, we want everyone to be active, but we realize that MW is just a game and life happens.

    If you want to join a low pressure, active faction ping us right away!

    Faction Invite Code: 277 083 837
    WeChat group name: Corpsman Up Chat

    Our requirements are:

    WeChat for chat
    Active participation in all faction events unless you notify Faction Leader ahead of time.
    Cash donation based on user ability.

    Faction Bonuses:
    • Infantry Defense: MAX
    • Ground Defense: MAX
    • Air Defense: MAX
    • Sea Defense: MAX
    • Infantry Attack: MAX
    • Ground Attack: 5/7
    • Air Attack: 4/7
    • Sea Attack: 3/7
    • Building Defense: MAX
    • Building Output: MAX
    • Health Regen Time: MAX
    • Casualty rate: 2/7
    • Guild Member Size: 42
    • Defense Leader: Attack: 453B Defense: 687B
    Corpsman Up! 277 083 837
    Active top 500 faction looking for some players in europe to fill out our ranks.

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    Come talk to us on room below to discuss plans
    46th WD- 37th FL
    must be active.
    75k WD,
    20 mil per day FL
    Finish all events,

    Have 2 other teams Top 200 and 500

    Join [generaals recruit] on palringo]

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    Warriors of Honor (WoH)
    Consistent top 1000
    No Chat app
    All except sea attack, casualty and Guild.

    Laid back, easy going faction looking for a faction to merge with us to push us both to the next level. We are placed consistently in the top 1000 and have a great core of active players. We have just had a clear out of inactive members and are looking for 8+ plus daily players to get involved. No communication app required, we just need you to get involved se we can hit our faction goals for the decent bonuses.

    No donations required as we are almost maxed out on bonuses. We just have Sea Attack and Casualty reduction bonuses to complete. Currently at 34/42 members after our clear out, and we can add guild if we need to, we can also remove some Mini's for more room. If you have a faction that you want to merge with us that would be great.

    Faction ID is 581699402

    Come join us !

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    The United armed forces elite is looking for a faction to join us. 45/60 members but can free up enough to accommodate 25. Recently placed 321 in frontline. We have all bonuses maxed except the last Sea attack and a couple of casualty bonuses. We use group me for chat. We are looking for active daily players. Players who still care about stats and income per hour.
    Participation and teamwork is all we ask. We have been a faction since the factions started so we will only except a faction joining us.

    Thank you

    Private message me for any questions or look me up on group me
    Trample the Weak.......Hurdle the Dead

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    TIGERSHARKS looking for small faction that wants to MERGE into ours

    TIGERSHARKS searching for a small faction that wants to merge into ours. We are 43 members and will clean the house - so we'll have around 20 free slots! In WD and FRONTLINE events we average rank in the TOP400 and want to move up. Looking for daily active players. Very friendly group with no drama. If interested message me, find me on Kakao Talk (NC1797155) or on Group me.

    Our Invite Code is 777 724 647


    Health Regeneration: maxed
    Ground Attack: maxed
    Air Attack: +30%
    Sea Attack: +20%
    Infantry Attack: maxed
    Infantry Defense: maxed
    Ground Defense: maxed
    Air Defense: maxed
    Sea Defense: maxed
    Building Defense: maxed
    Building Output: maxed
    Guild Member Increase: +36
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    We will consider a merger in our direction due to Maxed Faction and JR Faction of BBags.

    BBags Delinquents
    Invite Code 431-725-451
    we use Groupme
    Maxed Bonuses

    Due to recient retirements our numbers have shrunk. We were top 500.

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    The Buckwheat Connection is looking for a merge. We have room for 15 new members. We have slipped outside of Top 100 due to player retirements.


    -Use kakao chat to communicate
    -Score 50k wd points
    -Score 30mil during frontline
    -Participate in all faction events

    No cash donations or gold required

    Message me on here or kakao (RonnieO22) if your interested

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    Looking for a small group, around 6, we can adjust of course. Missed top 50 by 40k last event. Fun group, laid back but organized, always finish at least top 75, all bonuses maxed w big money in the bank, pm of interested.

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    United Combat Vets is looking for a small faction of about 10-15 active, dedicated players to join us. We have all but one maxed bonuses, finished 253 in the last WD. We require 25K WD pts, minimal donations, participation in all faction events and communication. We don't require any chat apps or gold.

    If you're interested, pm me please.
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