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Thread: Feedback thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyNerdyGirl View Post
    Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully you'll be hearing from more devs. We are trying a community outreach program to respond to issues, post event information before the event starts, and have more communication with the community. We just have to balance responding in the forums and creating content since we don't have a full time moderator. :/
    Well welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll come to love everyone on here, I think most mods do 😉

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    Stop being so ridiculous with all the ltq's. We should not need 3-4 vaults to finish one.

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    Thanks for this thread here's a few things:

    1. LTQs getting out of hand. Energy and the number of LTQs is way too much.
    2. Bring in a robbing/attacking ltq
    3. PvP bring it back please
    4. Epic bosses are fun
    5. Higher Uzi drop
    6. Player to player cash transfer. Or withdraw from syn bank after all bonuses collected.
    7. Rp, a lot of us are sitting at millions and can't do anything with it.

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    Update ur cash and respect coin weapons. Daily scratchers are outdated, too
    Original Syn, top 50/75

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    Make a finish now button for the ltqs..why make me sit for 30-45 minutes doing something instead of a finish button for x ammount of gold..I didn't finish the ltq today bc I got caught up in work and didn't have time.

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    I noticed a few players mentioned using RP for things. If you have an idea you'd like to add, we have a forum posts here for suggestions:

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    I agree with most all of the above suggestions.

    1. Tone down the LTQ's, both frequency and required energy
    2. If you want to run 2 events at the same time, make one energy based and one stamina based (LTQ/PvP)
    3. Definitely bring back PvP's
    4. Max level increase to 300
    5. Make Respect Points valuable again
    6. The new version of LTQ was fun, loot drop required in order to do another stage of the LTQ, just make it manageable for most players, not just top spenders
    7. Agree with the new syn bonus suggestions
    8. Sorting inventory would be awesome - though does not affect game play, so not crucial
    9. Better lists when announcing the start of the event. We have players like Reaper and a number of others that have to pool information together to post a list so everyone can use. You already have that list, why not post it? Having info on what the targets are and how much energy it costs to complete in an LTQ is a big deal.
    9. Intrigued by the idea of syn cities or hoods, would be great to explore that more

    Thanks for posting this thread A&F and mods, Welcome CrazyNerdyGirl to the war zone

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    I agree with most of you here. There are a lot of things that I'd like to see in CC:

    - More expensive LTB's. Or two at a time, a cheap one and an expensive one. The LTB's are slowing down on my IPH growth for quite a while now.
    - Possibility to upgrade beginner buildings quicker when your IPH is above a certain amount. Or decrease the upgrade times for the beginner buildings entirely. That helps the new players as well.
    - New syndicate bonuses. My syndicate finished the bonuses a long time ago and we have almost 50 billion saved for future upgrades. We would like to get some new ones!
    - Boost buildings like Modern War has them.
    - Updated rewards for Thug Life goals. Modifiers would be excellent rewards, because mods don't lose their value and normal items do with stat inflation.
    - Make the ILTQ at wars cheaper. It is demotivating to have to get 1200 wins, or five vaults. I would spend some more if you guys made it 700 or 750 wins.
    - Scratchers have to get an update. I would love to see an energy refill as a prize, certainly when LTQ's are active.
    - Raise the level cap to 300/350. MW got it already, we need it too. There are a lot of people in the shark tank atm, it is time.
    - Please please please give us mortals a possibility to get the multiple upgrade modifier. It's not possible to get closer to the biggest IPH's in the game when they can upgrade their best buildings + do the LTB at the same time.
    - Gold confirmation button. MW already has it. It would save you a lot of time viewing and answering tickets.
    - An option to sort mafia, I don't care if it's at alphabetical order or at number of times visited, but it would save a lot of time.
    - Search button for items in the inventory. I don't want to have to check 15 minutes before I found the item I wanted to see.
    - Make attack and defense skill points worth it again! 10 per skill point is so ****ty that no decent player puts their skill points there anymore.
    - Definitely NO player to player cash transfers, as someone posted above. It is unfair to other people without the right contacts. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to build their IPH.
    - Uzis have to drop a lot more, or the option to purchase uzis must be a lot cheaper. 5 gold for one uzi is not the way to go. Less is more at this point. I would've spent a vault if uzis were available for 1 gold per 5 uzis.
    - Give us a lot more defense modifiers! Everyone can attack everyone now. Not bad in wars, but it is not nice to get robbed every single day.
    - Possibility to buy previous modifiers that you've missed with gold, in-game cash or RP. I would love to buy the Loaded Dice (less upgrade time) for instance, because I missed that one.
    - Leaders and officers must be able to see the stats of requesting people imo. It would be very handy for me, because I could reject the request immediately (as an officer) when the stats of the person are not good enough to join my syndicate.
    - I would like to be able to see the hoods of all my fellow syndicate members. When you press view, you can only see their stats. I often help people from my syndicate with questions about their hood/economy, so that would save me a lot of time.
    - RP items and cash items need an update (already mentioned before countless times).
    - More decorations! Maybe it's an idea to be able to click on and purchase decorations from maps. They have to be really expensive though.

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    Just the one idea
    To be able to kick players during a war
    Hammer down

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    My suggestions, which should be implemented asap:

    • All event start times at 7pm GMT, like start time of battle weekends.
    • PvP Tournament's back, 1 per cycle, we all love these and are incredible fun
    • Ability to adjust your skill points to the event you're doing (energy and stamina) or give people back the ones wasted on attack or defence that do absolutely nothing
    • 1 LTQ per cycle and 1 SLTQ per cycle, not back to back or overlapping.
    • Make normal parts of LTQ's so that free players that can finish and Elite for gold users like it used to be before you needed 5 vaults to complete
    • Ditch the scratchcards or update the prizes. They are so outdated.

    Just making the above changes will make most of us happy.

    I like a lot of other suggestions that have been posted so far.

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    My overall biggest concern would have to be the lack of health and energy regeneration mods. Both MW and KA have health regen mods and should have been implemented here from the start. It would be great to have those categories as syndicate bonuses to work towards as well as possibly a few prize modifiers.

    Where the negative is concerned.... You guys are making the overall cost of this game unbearable. Nonstop events that require massive amounts of gold leading up to syndicate wars that are solely a spend to win event themselves is getting out of hand. If the costs of energy refills and war health refills maybe we could get more gold for our money. There's no way an LTQ should cost up to $600 worth of gold to complete and be released a couple of days before war, which can cost well more than that for top ranking teams.

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    Maybe a relaxed cycle every now and then to space out events more. Maybe have a certain numbers of events between wars with raid or epic boss every time then rotate in ltq and pvp.

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    - Robbing LTQ/SLTQ (rob x type of building, rob ltb, rob people x times)

    - "Old Style" PvP events, do x many fights and you know you get a weapon, do another x many fights and get an item, then score so many wins and get the top 10 fighter prize with x modifier, and the fun explosive theme part (pigskin, snowball, tp rolls, exploding turkey);
    Maybe some new ones could be ( not listed in any order) "Heart Bomb" (Valentines Day), "Exploding Shamrock" (St Patricks Day), Jack-O-Bomb (Halloween), Ornament Bomb (Christmas), Red White & Blue Explosion (Independance Day)

    - LTB's with no prize, those ones like the Frosty Hideout, Gingerbread House, Haunted Mansion, Gobble Gobble Buffet. Some new ones could be Elf's Hideout (Christmas)

    - How about we do the crime city triathlon? 24 hour battle, 24 hour raid boss, 24 hour PvP. Sounds great and whoever came up with this gets the credit.


    - Have 2 LTB's at the same time. One for the people with the great IPH and one for the lower IPh people and newbies. This way everyone can build their IPH and still get prizes to make the game a little more fair. The one that costs more should have stronger weapons for the people with better IPH, to make it an incentive to have good IPH. I know none of the people with at least 5M IPH hate the annoying high-stat, horrible IPH leaches robbing all of their buildings and getting all that money and nothing to get back from them. Espescially if you are one of the people with really good IPH, such as Zendfrim.

    - Add a few buildings, maybe buildings better than the nightclub itsself in the store. We could have a "Train Station" lets say with 15M payout a day and costs 500M. Great building IMO.

    - You could have a building that pays out respect, energy, or uzis. They would cost a lot of money and have a low payout. Let's say one uzi per 2 hours. You could collect 7 uzis in a day. These buildings could not get robbed, only the respect buildings. There is an energy building on the FaceBook game, called the Coffee Shop (that's all i know of, i read a wiki)
    RP building you could upgrade an buy with RP, energy buy and upgrade the same.


    We could have a few more items in the store, maybe ones that can keep up with the stat inflation. How about an item with 1,000 atk/def and costs 100M. That could be great for a start.


    Increase the mafia limit. We could bring more items into battle which would be great with the new items (above) at the same time. The people with great IPH could buy more of those 1K items quicker and fill up those mafia, making them stronger with only spending fake in-game money, instead of spending gold. Make IPH more valuable and have the leaches regretting what they did wrong. You have done this in Modern War and I would like to see this here too.


    Add another 50 levels. Your customers at level 250 won't get a lot of points if they match up with people at low(er) levels like 200, they won't spend as much gold and there goes GREE's money. We could go to level 300 and get many more points. You already did this in Modern War and I would like to see it released here also.


    Have maybe another syndicate event just like the syndicate war, but have the ability to link syndicates up to one another. The syndicates could have a syndicate alliance and be able to even fight each other. But once they link together, they can't leave the alliance until the syn war is over. This would be really fun and encourage more syndicate teamwork.

    Have a syndicate chat where it connects another syndicate to another. When you match up with a syndicate, you could chat with them, and even give intel on each other if you wanted, this could also be used to trash talk.


    Have some new modifiers, or re-use some of the older ones that were great. Ideas:

    +1 stamina every 2 minutes
    +1 building being built
    Free Bank Deposit
    -25% time reduction from buildings
    Instant Payout for one building, every day

    How about you can buy modifiers? 500M for -3 building time reduction for upgrade would be a great deal


    Either add new prizes or get rid of it. You can also add the daily reward for playing daily, like in Modern War. That was a great idea.


    Less LTQ's. 1 LTQ and one SLTQ per cycle would be great!
    Also make it so people who dedicate a lot of time to these LTQ's be able to get the prize. Using all of your free energy is worth getting the prize.

    Skill Points:
    Make attack and defense skill points worth something. I thought they were worth something in the beginning and have a lot of sp in atk and def. Or you could be able to reallocate your skill points for 100 gold or something like that.

    Misc. Ideas

    Search button for people on your level - ONLY people on your level
    Make the defense buildings worth something, 145 gold for one defense building that used to be good?? Really??
    Ability to sort mafia or search for mafia, this is so annoying when you are looking for a friend or someone. You could have an "Important" section that you can put your mafia in, you can do this yourself. Just add an "edit" button and make it so you can add and remove people from that list.
    Boost buildings like Modern War, this would help with our stats a lot.

    There are my suggestions. TL;DR probably for all of you
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    @ CCKalDAY: Thank you!
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    thanks CCKallday
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    I wish I could punch this thread in the face

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    I like all the new events. Great job! I would like them even more if Gree would drop the price of gold. Yes, I'm in the gold club. But with the price of gold vs event is losing interest for me. I bleed red and Gree bleed's green. If you're listening bring back PVP like the first LTQ. ✌️

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    Angry Game Over is coming soon

    This game is going to come to an end real soon if gree does not fix their issues. Not really sure why they don't listen. I'm not spending another dime on this game. Gree, you are so focused on making a ton of money, that you are not focused on listening to players to make these LQT/SLQT easier and not to be do costly. Players are quitting everyday and soon your rating will be embarrassing to mention that you play crime city to your friends. Please listen to us and making us play a fortune for these events. Hope you listen and make these changes as soon as possible.

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