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    [IOS] Alae Infernum recruiting

    • Are you fed up with your inactive guild?
    • Do you have the feeling, that you have to carry half of your guildmates?
    • Are you playing with the thought of finding a new home?

    Don’t let the situation frustrate you anymore and come to Alae Infernum!

    • We are the active part of a former top 25 guild. Top 250 atm working our way back!
    • We have been playing KnD for a long time.
    • We are a mature, engaging group of players who like to reach goals and plan ahead.
    • We do not invest massively in purchased gems and try to set goals that are reachable for F2P gamer.

    (everything that sounds too good to be true comes with a "however")

    You need to be very active.
    You need to have LINE installed and you need to use it at least during wars.
    You should be lvl 65+

    Everything else can be discussed over the LINE messenger that you can download HERE if you don’t have it.

    Apply via LINE
    US Time: sharff
    EURO Time: t.bot.mike

    Last Rankings:
    War d'Amour - #189
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    We did some post-war house cleaning, 4 places now open again.

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    Guild has leveled up! There's now room for more members, LINE Sharff!

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    Looking for active players.

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    Bump, we now have several openings after cleaning house.

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