Hi everyone,

I am going to boycott this forum based on GREE banning me for trying to construct an informative thread consisting of more than 50k signs. This then led me to post numerous seemingly empty posts in a thread so no other insignificant comments would "harm" the lay out.

Sure it would be ok to get banned for this "spamming" initially, but not getting a reply from them when trying to establish a constructive dialogue is not acceptable.

I would encourage everyone to move over to free forums not being tyrannized by GREE.

btw all previous threads have been deleted and info will be posted distributed via other channels, were all constructive GREE critique will be embraced


(I guess FU GREE must be ok since no action was taken for months with numerous big spenders naming their games FU GENE... If not they will once again truly show their true distasteful colors. The next logical step for all mw players would be to apply for North Korean citizenship.)