Top 1000 recruiting for realistic push at top 750


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Thread: Top 1000 recruiting for realistic push at top 750

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    Top 1000 recruiting for realistic push at top 750

    Top 1000 (with only 32 members) recruiting for tilt at the next next tier.
    Donations 4x iph required daily.
    No gold use expected or min battle points.
    We regularly finish easy and normal of raid bosses and working on elite (we are capable of level 85-90).
    Regular completion of 100 bosses.
    Friendly bunch
    Active players only

    Syndicate code - 557 484 882 (II Amendment)

    **** Added about 10 players and made top 750 in beach harbour. Now for top 500. Still plenty of spaces. *****
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    Bump. Still looking for a few.

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    Are you interested in a merger?

    Interested in Joining a top 500 Syndicate? Pm me.

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    Bump. No mergers.

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    what comms do you use?

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    No comms just the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mulabenzy View Post
    Are you interested in a merger?
    How many people do you have and what does your guild bonus look like?

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    Will recommend someone for you

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    Are you still looking?

    I would like to join. One of my friends and I started a syndicate but now we would like to join a bigger team. I am kind of new to crime city, I am only level 41 with 320k att 340k def. My friend is level 230 with 1mil att and 1.1mil def. We are both very active and will contribute to the syndicate.

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    All welcome. Plenty of spaces. Code is at the top.

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    Back up again.

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    Don't be shy. Nearly all accepted.

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    Bump bump. Have made the top 750last time round but still plenty of spaces

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    Hey there. Sorry to msg but I have an opportunity. Read and comment. I am not putting my syn # on cuz that's bad taste.

    OK, here we go.
    Good ole' GREEdy has made life difficult for crews around 250-750.
    Here is my plan. I am looking for a shared merger with a group in the top 1200 to jump into my crew for battles only.
    I will open roughly 20 more spots to max my syn capacity in order to accommodate your numbers.
    I can take 28 more players once my syn is maxed.
    My bonuses are nearly maxed so everyone will benefit.
    If we get along we can swap teams each battle so neither syn looses out.
    This plan will only work if everyone participates in the battle.
    PM me and we can get a little more in depth.

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