Looking for Europeans for our "Night Shift"


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Thread: Looking for Europeans for our "Night Shift"

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    Wink Looking for Europeans for our "Night Shift"

    Any AU or EU, especially.

    We are a 0 gold required syn, though we do have some gold spenders.
    Ranked 682, 451, 483, 293, 425, 388, 250, 303, 204, 225, 281, 295, 356, 391, 280

    We have an amazing crew but we are lacking on the "night shift".
    We are looking for some players so we can be more active 24/7 and hold a steady Top 250 for free. We are still purchasing the last few bonuses. 4x IPH donations expected. 7/60 slots open.

    LINE chat app and activity.
    20k Attack / Level
    2mil Attack

    contact by PM here -or- LINE IDs
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