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    [Add Me iOS] One Post per Thread - January 2014

    Welcome Knights!

    Before you post, please note that spamming is not acceptable and those post will be removed. That being said, one post will be sufficient to be fair to everyone.

    Please be sure to include the following information to make it easier for your fellow knights to add you.

    Friend Code:
    Knight's name:
    Knight's level:

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    Please add me

    Please add me

    Friend Code:XBB-GZW-DCF
    Knight's name:Maher
    Knight's level:81
    Last edited by maher; 03-06-2014 at 11:33 PM. Reason: Kindly add me by code not by pressing on the Addfriend, thanks

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    Account for sale.

    I have decided to sell my account.
    Level 240+ maxed town with 4 armorsmiths and the rest maxed training fields.
    Maxed blazeborne plus
    Maxed blazeborne
    Maxed Moontide
    Maxed horseman plus
    Maxed behemoth plus
    Maxed abominable snowman plus
    Maxed witches robes plus
    Maxed armored bear plus
    Maxed combustion

    Line me chrishillstromgmail for pics and to make offer.
    Or PM me here but I can't post pics here.

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    Add me

    Add me
    Code: XBM-NZP-MBW

    Knight's Name: Minion
    Level 20

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    Add me

    Friend Code: XBD-YYP-MZY
    Knight's name:Voxx
    Knight's level: 138

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    Add me! Xbm ndr hhz

    Name: K
    Level: 39
    Code: XBM NDR HHZ

    Daily Player!

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    Name: Splut
    Level: 34
    Code: XBM-HHR-XQR

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    add me

    friend code: XBF-VYB-VZB
    Knights name: Josh
    Level: 114+

    please do not add me unless you are 100+ i am wanting more friends to be able to fight epic bosses with.

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    Add me :)

    Friend Code:XBH-QYF-YVW
    Knight's name:Frederik
    Knight's level:58

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    Add me

    Code: XBM-PXP-MRR
    Knight lvl: 20
    Name: Jae

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    Add Me please

    Please help get the friend rewards

    Friend Code: XBG-YXF-XVV
    Knight's name: DEXTER
    Knight's level: 53

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    Add me

    XBM-GND-QHG name is Bartleby and level 57 and just started a couple weeks ago

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    Add me !!

    XBH - QNW - GYR

    Name - Nak Zion

    lvl 76 - Epics, Namesis !!!

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    Add Me!

    You can add me XBH-DCY-XNP. I am level 81 and getting stronger fast. Also join my guild.

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    add me

    Add me please!!!

    XBH - QNW - GYR

    Name - Arthur

    lvl 33

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