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    Friend Code:WBWZWQVGG
    Knight:ValenAlvern, Level 2x

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    Join Date
    Sep 2014

    the facebook add friends mystery

    WBWQGYVPC. Add me and it will be the best thing ever!!!!

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    ADD ME! Daily Player

    Turde Furgison
    Level 117
    2 Epics and great boss+ armors!

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    Friend Code:WBV-BPP-BVD
    Knight's name:Freehope
    Knight's level: 88

    Friend Code:WBX-CPB-WVZ
    Knight's name:Julie
    Knight's level: 6

    Freehope has 2 legendary armor so far and is a daily player Julie is a new player that just started today, invite both if you can you could help out Julie and Freehope could help you.


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    Add me Please

    Friend code: WBP-GXH-RBX
    Knight: Melrose
    Level: 90

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    Friend code: WBX-BQP-FMG
    Character name: Frederik
    Level: 32
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    I just started playing a couple days ago.

    Friend code: WBX-DGW-QBB
    Character name: Jason
    Level: 20

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    new player seeking help add plz

    WBX-FFB-PBB add please. Seeking some help and a nice guild i am a daily player

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    Cool Been playing going on two weeks...

    Just Dinged level 33, would love more friends, daily player here!

    Friend code: WBX-BXC-GNP
    Character name: Yaakov
    Level: 33 (atm)

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    Friend code: WBV-DMV-DRC
    Knight name: Kennard
    Knight Level:101

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    Add me

    Code: WBV-NQW-ZGV
    Knight Name: Runaller
    Level 24 and rising, need help with epic bosses
    Reply when you add me
    Knights & Dragons: Google Play, WBV-NQW-ZGV

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    Please add me WBV-VYX-VMX

    Please add me just 100+ or if u need a guild 40+ thanks
    Hey leute Suche aktive member für unsere Gilde wenn ihr bock habt addet mich !!! Android

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    Please do add me. level 15 and rising. Hooked to this game so i will play for long.


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    Code: WBX - FMW - NHH
    Knight Name: Symbols
    Level 30

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    Cool Add Me

    Friend Code: WBV-BHN-HCX
    Knight's name: KOSTAS
    Knight's level: 190

    Daily Player!

    Looking for strong active players for our guild.(lv 46 Monster KoopaTroopas)
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